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#1186 fixed (in master) object_is_jewelry() defined twice in defines.h magnate anonymous

Very minor code cleanup...

#1038 fixed (in master) object.txt should accept random values MarbleDice MarbleDice

Allow the specification of values in object.txt, for pval, to-hit, to-dam, and to-armor, of the following format:


Where 5 is a constant base, 2d6 is a damroll, and M8 is m_bonus(8). The base, the damroll, just the number of dice, and the m-bonus parameter are all optional. A leading negative sign should invert the entire value. This would have several nice benefits:

  • Allow re-balancing of object bonuses without recompiling
  • Allow weapon/armor bonuses to be balanced on a per-sval basis
  • Remove significant hard-coding in object/obj-make.c
  • May simplify auto-identify on jewelry or other objects
#236 fixed (in master) object.txt does not get installed takkaria pav@…

The object.txt does not get installed by `make install'.

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