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#643 fixed (in master) Compile issues due to folder reorg ChodTheWacko

Several of the files use relative directories to compile, and files that are normally in what is now the root directory, and so tons of files fail to compile now.

for example #include "angband.h" needs to be changed to #include "../angband.h" etc etc.

Once you make all the necessarily changes to all the subdirectoried files, then it compiles fine.

#644 fixed (in master) Targeting only targets closest monsters ChodTheWacko

Targeting has changed such that you can only target monsters that are right in front of you.

If you are facing a group of orcs and dragons, for example:


@ oD


You are only allowed to target the orcs. This should be changed back.

Reasons: 1) You should be allowed to throw ball spells over sleeping monsters 2) If you have a beam spell/weapon, you can no longer target the 'd'

with any degree of accuracy.

#711 fixed (in master) Rod of Detection description is wrong ChodTheWacko

It is described as 'detects all objects on the level'. This should be changed to detects nearby objects (or something)

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