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#58 fixed (in master) Revert the panel change behavior to 3.0.5 behaviour. takkaria takkaria

3.0.6+ behaviour has problems with running and panel change so that you might run into undetected area. It also makes it harder to keep track what you have detected and what you haven't.


To fix:

  1. Revert using[c903bab (SVN r1)=1.47&[88b5cae] (SVN r2)=1.48 this patch]
#60 fixed (in master) Simplify the code for timed player effects takkaria takkaria

xtra2.c contains too much repeated code, so unify it as much as possible.

To fix:

  1. Turn timed player effects into an array
  2. Unify access functions, using a table of {effect} -> {message, flags}
  3. Simplify some more by adding inc_, dec_, and clear_ functions for the most common use cases.

Already done for the most part. Messy; should this be in 3.0.8?

#61 fixed (in master) Improve autotools support (use OMK) aerdan takkaria

Aerdan is working on the patch for this.

Also check Hallvard Furuseth's autotools patches to clean up autotools stuff we don't use. patch

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