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#985 worksforme Crash when running ends next to the dungeon wall Matthias

Current nightly crashes when the running command is interrupted while just reaching the dungeon wall. It doesn't crash when running is interrupted while running next to the wall.

#1031 worksforme Check difficulties of various devices magnate magnate

[fed2198] (SVN r1817) changed the failure calculation for devices so something smoother but also more forgiving. Some item difficulties may have to be tweaked to bring things back into line. Now that both base items and artifacts use the alloc_min and alloc_max system for generation depths, the "level" field can be adjusted with impunity to change activation difficulty - it's no longer used for anything else.

See for the item difficulties, skill ranges and success chances (sheets Devices, Skills and Quadratic, respectively).

#1057 worksforme Crash when running into space adjacent to dungeon edge MarbleDice

Affects HEAD as early as [0463b2c] (SVN r1867), affected platforms include Windows XP.

Crashes when the player runs into a tile that is adjacent to the permanent wall edge of the dungeon map from a tile that is not adjacent to the edge. Does not appear to happen with the north dungeon wall.


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