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#854 fixed (in master) Can't sell unidentified scroll of darkness ChodTheWacko

Old behavior was you could sell any unidentified scroll to get it identified for you.

The scroll of darkness didn't show up in the 'sell item' menu, and I used a regular ID scroll to id it. Same probably applies to any negative valued scroll.

#921 fixed (in master) Torches only restocked in general store as quantity 1 magnate ChodTheWacko

When the general store restocks torches, it only restocks a single torch. Happens on head revisions.

#990 fixed (in master) inventory weights could be closer to the items MarbleDice ChodTheWacko

Right now, when you view inventory (or sell items to stores) it shows the weights or selling price of the item, which is great.

However, it is right justified to your viewing window, so if your window is large (full screen on a large monitor) it's hard to figure out which weight matches to what item.

Compare that to the store, where the item/weight/price is at fixed width columns. Much nicer.

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