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#108 fixed (in master) Fix RISC OS port ajps ajps

main-ros.c needs mouse support adding at the very least (done in [d98d6ae] (SVN r95)), probably a few other improvements to keep up with the codebase by the time of release.

Makefile.ros needs to be added again, to allow native compiles (as requested by users).

#111 fixed (in master) Record a new set of sound effects, under a permissive BSD-style licence takkaria

Not quite sure if this belongs here, but since I have some interest in doing this...

Useful links:

#112 fixed (in master) Package Windows console mode port with release takkaria palazzol@…

I think it would be useful to package the win32 console mode angband along with the gui windows binary package. Unfortunately, both executables are named angband.exe by default.

The console mode build could rename the executable when it does the make install (mine is angband_console.exe, for example). Then it could be added to the packager, and live alongside the gui windows version, for those who want to use it. -Frank Palazzolo

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