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#1925 invalid Activation macro problem nckmccnnll

"Message problem when using a macro for activation of a weapon. This was working previously but has now stopped. I use a keymap of “F” for the action: “[A]ctivate [a] principal weapon [5] target”. It works fine if it is not recharging, however, if it is recharging the message seen on the top of the main screen is “Type ? for help.” while the sub-window messages show the proper message “That item is still charging." If instead of using a macro keymap and you manually type in the sequence Aa5 the correct message does appear at the top of the screen." - Ingwe Ingweron

#820 fixed (in master) Adam Bolt Element Tiles Wrong takkaria wolf.trickster@…

The element tiles are mapped wrongly for the Adam Bolt tileset, i.e., darkness uses the shards pic, light uses poison, poison uses disenchant, etc.


#626 fixed (in master) Adamantite pieces cannot be picked up when Inventory is full. rickwenzl@…

Adamantite pieces cannot be picked up off the floor when character Inventory is full.

(Message) You have no room for 53 adamantite pieces worth of gold.

If you have space in your inventory, you see the following message:

You have 53 adamantite pieces worth of gold (g).

( (g) being the space in the inventory after the character's spellbooks )

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