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#2059 fixed (in master) Flavoured item messages nckmccnnll

Situation summed up by PowerWyrm at release of 4.1.2: "Here's my results of testing the messages with known and unknown (flavored) items:

  • wands: "it can be aimed" (unknown), "when aimed..." (known)
  • offensive rods: "it can be aimed" (unknown), "when aimed..." (known)
  • support rods: "it can be activated" (unknown), "when activated..." (known)
  • activatable offensive item (for ex. a ring of ice): nothing (unknown), "when aimed..." (known)
  • activatable offensive artifact (for ex. Narthanc): "when activated..."
  • potion of dragon breath: "it can be aimed" (unknown), "when aimed..." (known)

So here we have the following problems:

  • looking at unknown rods leaks info about them (aimed vs activated)
  • missing info on unknown activatable items
  • different info for known activatable normal items vs artifacts (aimed vs activated again)
  • looking at unknown potions of dragon breath leaks info about them
  • potions of dragon breath are not "aimed" anyway
  • looking at unknown activatable artifacts leaks info about them


  • all unknown rods should say "it can be aimed" (since we ask for a direction anyway)
  • all unknown activatable items should say "it can be activated" (as it is obvious by pressing 'A' that they can)
  • known activatable artifacts should say "when aimed..." (like everything else that can be aimed)
  • unknown potions of dragon breath should say "it can be quaffed" (like every other potion)
  • known potions of dragon breath should say "when quaffed..." (since obviously you drink the potion, then fire or ice erupts from your throat...)
  • unknown activatable artifacts should say "it can be activated" until you walk on them and learn their name ('a dagger' -> 'Narthanc' or 'a bronze amulet' -> 'Carlammas')"
#2058 fixed (in master) Spells in passable rubble nckmccnnll

Passable rubble currently protects monsters from projections (but not missiles); see

#2057 fixed (in master) Too many vaults nckmccnnll

"Vaults are fun and medium-to-high-risk/reward encounters. Or was, the fun is eroded by them being so common! I used to get really exited when seeing a new vault. Today, I barely flinch seeing THREE of them in the same level and then I skip a few levels to soon find another two or three vaults/special rooms in a singel level" - Thraalbee

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