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#1112 worksforme Invisible Kobolds and Cave Bears on OSX benburch@…

Hi! I have noticed that Kobold Archers, Kobold Shamans and Cave Bears (at least) have tiles that make them not visible at all on OSX. Sometimes the Archer shows up as a disembodied arrow, though. Being able to view invisible things does not make this effect go away, so they are not invisible in any normal way.

#1135 worksforme No sound plays in shops rashidikins@…

Sounds are assigned, and are playing elsewhere in the game. However all shop actions are silent (enter, purchase, and leaving). This is using 3.1.2v2 on windows XP.

#1137 worksforme graphic glitch while running rashidikins@…

While running through the dungeons (shift + direction), an image of the player's character tile quickly flashes elsewhere on the screen. That is, I have the "center map continuously" option set to "yes", and the character is correctly drawn in the center, but a duplicate image of the character sometimes flashes elsewhere on the screen while running.

My settings are: David G's Tiles, Big tile mode, Always center on player, tile width = 32, tile height = 32. Windows XP.

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