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#239 fixed (in master) Monster memory display glitch ajps anonymous

When recalling memory of a monster, the leftmost character of the description is used for indentation. However, that character is not written; it's just skipped. This means that the underlying characters (from e.g. the player status on the left of the main map view) blurs into the monster description text, like this:

The White worm mass ('w')/('w'): [(r)ecall, ESC]
You have killed at least 18 of these creatures.
MIt is a large slimy mass of worms.
NThis natural creature is normally found on dungeon level 1, and moves extremely erratically, and
Lslowly.  A kill of this creature is worth 0.40 points for a 5th level character.  It breeds
Nexplosively.  It can crawl on you to poison.
#242 fixed (in master) High score menu missing from knowledge display screen ajps takkaria

"View high scores" used to be an option in the knowledge menu (~), but it's not there anymore.

#245 fixed (in master) !d inscribed on an object should mean "never drop" ajps takkaria

Also, make !k mean "never squelch", too.

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