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#452 fixed (in master) Min gold not always 200 CunningGabe

The recent change to birth.c leaves the following:

436	/* Minimum 200 gold */ 
437     if (gold < 100) gold = 200;

The only instance of 100 should be 200 as well.

#453 fixed (in master) Normal hard studded leather pseudo-ids as {magical} CunningGabe

I have a suit of Hard Studded Leather (-1) [7, +0] that pseudo-id'd as {magical}, presumably because of the intrinsic to-hit penalty. I just fired up wizard mode and created a suit of chain mail, and the same thing happened - it pseudo-id'd as {magical}, but was completely normal when I ID'd it.

#456 fixed (in master) {tried} inscription in store items CunningGabe

Whenever I try an un-ID'd potion or scroll and it does nothing, it gets the {tried} inscription (as it should). Then later, when I go to buy potions and scrolls from the store, some of them have the {tried} inscription in the store display, which gives me some information about the scrolls and potions I've tried. I imagine this is unintended behavior; the {tried} inscription should be suppressed in store displays.

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