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#459 fixed (in master) Potions of Brawn sometimes have bad description, lower strength CunningGabe

Two related bugs:

  • a potion of Brawn (or Nimbleness, etc) will sometimes lower your strength and then raise your strength. The random decremented stat should be something other than strength.
  • (tried this on a new character w/ debug commands): the first potion of Brawn I drank decreased my intelligence. Any other one I saw after that claimed that it would lower intelligence, even when other stats were decreased instead. Perhaps the description should simply be that it decreases a random stat and increases strength.

I plan to tackle this and submit a patch in a couple days - I've already started to look into it.

#460 fixed (in master) CLW etc description misleading CunningGabe

!Cure Light Wounds says that it "heals you a little (15% or 15HP)". I took this to mean that it would heal 15% of my Max HP, not 15% of the difference between my max hp and current hp. The descriptions should be changed to reflect this.

#494 fixed (in master) Some typos CunningGabe
  • When examining some {magical} ammo, the description reads in part: "You do not know the full extent of this item's powers.Fired from..." (no space after the period)
  • When failing to activate something, you get the message "you failed to activatee it properly". (extra 'e' in 'activate')
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