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#777 fixed (in master) Add 'unsquelch' command takkaria

This would only allow you to select squelched items in the immediate area, and then mark them as "unsquelch".

#1104 fixed (in master) Add ./angband -l command to list savefiles you can play (for use with -u) takkaria

The savefile data is now stored in such a way now that it's easy to read the first block for some basic info such as name, race, class, level and current dungeon level. We can scan the savefile directory, figure out which ones are the current users' (by UID) and print out a list of savefile names with their current state.

The same code could then be hooked into by the SDL port to present a nice UI for choosing characters.

#21 fixed (in master) Add NPP "path to target" feature takkaria

This displays a line when targetting which indicates where the projectile/spell will actually end up.

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