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#255 fixed (in master) Knowledge screen recall inconsistency ajps takkaria

Hugo: "When browsing the knowledge screens, I found that pressing 'r' to recall details sometimes shows the details near the top of the screen (for instance on the object list), sometimes right underneath the object name (for instance on the artifact list), and sometimes does nothing even though it is listed as a valid option (for instance on the features list). I tried to test what happens if I ask to recall details of an artifact that's already near the bottom of the screen so that the description might not fit, but I don't have enough artifact knowledge yet."

#268 invalid RISC OS port needs realloc hook ajps takkaria

But only when using dynamic areas. The memory code needs to be generally updated for the changes in [37f221c] (SVN r346).

#348 fixed (in master) Improve UI abstractions ajps ajps

Do a better job of abstracting the "game" from the UI used to control it, such that the only things that the "game" cares about are those things that change the game state - which are passed to it in the form of "commands".

See for more details and evolving plans.

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