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#127 fixed (in master) '5' key no longer works takkaria

Unsure when this happened.

#128 fixed (in master) Menu bugs takkaria


  • Options submenus should use a, b, c etc.
  • Macro menu doesn't have the right indentation
  • Birthscreen menu for race/class has cursor in wrong place (should be on the grid of the selected menu item)
  • Enter doesn't work on options menu
  • Moving "up" in stores on Windows is the same as pressing space
#129 fixed (in master) Angband 3.0.7s3 code cleanup. CNyfalt

I suppose I must use this when there's no maintainer e-mail. Here's my report from going through the changes in v3.0.7s3, plus at bit of code cleanup I forgot to send in before that version was released.

  • files.c: Missing '>' in tag.
  • main-xxx, z-xxxx: Removed core function, NEVER try to crash a computer with

a real OS!

  • x-spell.c, cmd3.c: Spelling errors.
  • init2.c: Grammar error.
  • store.c, load.c, object2.c, spells2.c: Indentation & formating fix.
  • cmd1.c: Incorrect comment.
  • cmd3.c: Extra ';'.
  • object2.c, cmd5.c, init1.c: Extra tab in empty line removed.
  • save.c: Explicit void in empty argument added.
  • xtra1.c: Show nxt label correctly also if stat is drained.
  • main-gcu.c: Use parentheses around sizeof arg.
  • Makefile.gtk: squelch.c not squelch.o in source list. (Not that it matters)

Christer Nyfält

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