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#2119 fixed (in master) Ignoring torches now ignores artifacts nckmccnnll

...because randart torches exist. The whole light ignore needs to be re-examined.

#2118 fixed (in master) Looking at items under monsters difficult nckmccnnll

"I'm currently clearing through a vault and deciding based on what treasure I have detected what cells I want to clear out. I have telepathy on and I can't see the treasure under the monster and I don't want to take off telepathy because my inventory is full. No big deal, I can use the 'l'ook command. I get to the great hell wyrm and have to press <space> 7 times to clear the viewing of the hell wyrm and see the 'It is on a tulwar' message. Next monster is Hoarmurath and I need to press <space> 6 times to clear the prompt to see the item under him.

Not game breaking obviously but it is an odd behavior." - Goaticus


#2116 fixed (in master) Stop existence of randart.txt ruining games nckmccnnll

See Probably the answer is if a randart.txt exists, and there is a failure because of a missing artifact, look in the archive directory.

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