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#800 fixed (in v4) Sort out bucklers magnate magnate

Prior to [3d69058] (SVN r1231), bucklers were given an sval in object/tvalsval.h, but were commented out in object.txt

In [3d69058] (SVN r1231) they were commented out in tvalsval.h as well

If we want to use them (and one reason would be that they provide another source of interesting low power randarts, because they have such low intrinsic value that they can get more abilities), we need to uncomment them in both object.txt and tvalsval.h (and add them back into randart.c). We would also need a graphics tile for them.

#828 fixed (in v4) Make to-hit formula more intuitive magnate takkaria

See the thread at

#958 fixed (in v4) re-add broken/worn weapon/armor types magnate d_m

There seems to be a desire to have back some of the old classics (broken sword, filthy rag, rusted chainmail, etc). As long as they are still useful (provide 1d1 damage or at least 1 AC) and can potentially be egos it seems fine, so I propose adding them back.

This would include putting Narsil back in. I would also propose "broken staff of Saruman" (with a potential activation) as well as some other damaged weapons/armor artifacts. A good standard to go on might be that every weapon or armor type should have at least one artifact.

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