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#384 fixed (in master) OS X: Problem opening Angband using Quicksilver Adam Randall <randalla@…>

I use the app launcher Quicksilver. Unfortunately, I cannot use it with Angband because I get an error about it wanting to write the high scores list to /var/root/Library/Angband/...

Looking at activity monitor, the Quicksilver application itself is running as my current user, and not as root. It seems odd that it would want to write to /var/root. Maybe Quicksilver is running without a home directory environment variable and Angband is choosing to use root's since it doesn't know better?

#385 worksforme Player position moves sometimes when opening player file Adam Randall <randalla@…>

It seems that randomly, the player starting position when opening a saved player file can differ one square from where the player was when they quit angband. This is happening on the town level for me, so I don't know if it's happening in the dungeon.

Here's what you can do to reproduce this on OS X:

Move the character to the bottom left most corner. Move NE one space (9-key on numeric pad). Save and quit. Launch angband, open player. Using the terminal, killall -9 angband

Do the above two steps and notice that every once in awhile, the character will move down one position.

#1810 fixed (in master) ./configure should check for rst2html Aerdan

./configure should check for rst2html and disable building of HTML documentation if not present. Currently, it just stops installation.

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