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#107 fixed (in master) OS X UI bugs pmac pmac

Some bugs from "Omnipact"

  • (graphics mode) visible monsters aren't rendered in secondary windows
  • cache needs to be invalidated when tilewidth/height/doublewide.
  • overhead view and map view for secondary window broken in graphics mode.


  • Window is creeping down by the height of the titlebar at startup. (Save the actual window region, not the active region) fixed [6358908] (SVN r107)
  • Mouse tracking is off-by-one in y at startup. (side-effect of window creep)
  • Can't change fonts in Term-x windows. fixed [10d7bf3] (SVN r9)
  • Font size and ID are not stored in preferences. fixed [1227c8a] (SVN r105)
  • Graphics settings are not remembered in preferences. fixed [1227c8a] (SVN r105)
  • Font menu should open with current font. fixed [1227c8a] (SVN r105)
  • Quit gracefully when Angband window is not open. fixed [6358908] (SVN r107)

Maybe not a bug:

  • Red window close button for Angband window should always attempt to quit the game.
#108 fixed (in master) Fix RISC OS port ajps ajps

main-ros.c needs mouse support adding at the very least (done in [d98d6ae] (SVN r95)), probably a few other improvements to keep up with the codebase by the time of release.

Makefile.ros needs to be added again, to allow native compiles (as requested by users).

#109 duplicate Remove unused ports takkaria

Following the poll results on r.g.r.a, there are probably a few frontends we can cut loose. Possibly 3.0.8, possibly 3.0.9.

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