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#99 fixed (in master) Add to splash page. pmac

It sure would be nice if bugs got reported here rather than at the newsgroup.... :-/

#40 fixed (in master) Add autopackage files for Linux magnate takkaria

To make building and installing easier for Linux people, put together an autopackage ( file. Probably relies on us having a working ./configure.

#1929 fixed (in master) Add boosted damage values for applicable items nckmccnnll

"Effect of Magic Device Skill on attack wand/rod damage. E.g., Wand of Drain Life. Description says it drains 150 points. However, I know from the forum (especially Derakon) that in the hands of a mage it does significantly more. However, nothing in the game is given to indicate any such increase in damage potential. Is there a way that the damage shown for attack wands & rods could show the true damage potential taking into account the @ characteristics much as is done for weapons?" Ingwe Ingweron

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