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#743 fixed (in master) Add damage estimates for monster spells and spell-like abilities magnate stefanor@…

I think no threshold for uses is necessary; monster spells and breath attacks are fairly deterministic, and "can I survive this" is often a much more pressing issue than it is with melee attacks.

Breath is a slight complication since it depends on current HP, so it should depend on the HP that the monster would have if it had the current %, rounded up to the nearest 10%, of its nominal HP.

#1263 fixed (in master) Add desktop entries to the source and buildsystem noz magnate

Widget kindly provided the three desktop entries attached below. They need installing in {execprefix}/share/applications/, apparently.

#563 fixed (in master) Add functions to get information on what the player knows from an item takkaria

This is so some particularly ugly string-parsing functions can be removed from the Borg and it can be a lot more streamlined. As long as the UI uses the same functions, there is no information leakage. (I don't subscribe to the idea that the Borg should work by reading the screen, since I want a Borg to work even if I'm on the DS with a non-standard screen setup, or using OpenGL to render the game in perspective.)

For the kind of code it would help replace, see;f=src/borg3.c;h=1eed6f205a22cf567ea74d2a3e7a2c6da24a2ddb;hb=HEAD#l1632

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