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#1445 fixed (in master) Tunnelling broken myshkin Faust

Attempting to tunnel into quartz, magma or rubble gives the "you spin around" message. build 72e6029e91

#238 fixed (in master) SDL-mixer compilation broken with autoconf takkaria Fuchs <…>

The ./configure defines SDL_SOUND while the related code expects SOUND_SDL, which obviously won't work.

Additionally -- I'm not completely sure how the build system works in detail -- it seems that the CFLAGS definition for a working SDL-mixer compilation is also missing in

#517 wontfix Make money depth and value less hard-coded GabeCunningham

Currently, the depth and value of money is heavily hard-coded. It would be nice to make it work a bit more like usual objects - each money entry in object.txt has a depth and a value, and when money is requested, pick it in much the same way as you'd pick an item. This also makes it easy to add rarely occurring very large gold drops, which could be set in the object.txt file (so variants can give it a try even if vanilla doesn't).

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