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#1324 fixed (in master) Add help files for editing monster.txt etc. GabeCunningham GabeCunningham

Ideally, someone should have to source dive very little in order to add new monsters, items, artifacts, etc. For starters, we need to explain all of the flags. Then it would be nice to explain what the various numbers actually mean; i.e., explicitly give the calculations for things like speed, alertness, etc. Finally, we should make a note of what things may have hardcoded dependencies.

I'm going to start by putting together an explanation of the flags in monster.txt, and go from there.

#149 fixed (in master) Add item histories (from Ey; "found on xxx", "dropped by xxx") takkaria takkaria
#789 fixed (in master) Add learn-resists-by-use code takkaria

This needs to cover immunities, sustains, resistances, hold life, FA, vulnerabilities, and item ignore bits.

Whenever an effect would be affected by one of the above, all items currently worn have the relevant flag noticed.

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