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#154 fixed (in master) Andrew Doull's inventory destruction changes takkaria

Should be arriving sometime around 10th June.

#155 fixed (in master) Add a working autoinscribe interface back in takkaria

Currently only accessible for a limited range of items, due to the squelch UI change. Attached is a patch to cmd4.c and squelch.c to move it (UnAngband?-style) to the knowledge screens; also cleans up cmd4.c a bit.

#157 fixed (in master) Comment cleanups CJNyfalt

The following comments are either wrong or need cleanups:

  • z-file.c: fd_lock: G_SETLK in comment should be F_SETLK.
  • h-basic.h: The comment about types should read "We should really be able to use the C99 types ...", not C89.
  • h-basic.h: The L64 comment should be removed from the #endif about s32b/u32b types. L64 define doesn't exist anymore.
  • h-basic.h: The last #endif in the file should have an /* INCLUDED_H_BASIC_H */ comment.

BTW, renaming the SET_UID define to UNIX would be more descriptive.

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