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#158 fixed (in master) Remove *ID* takkaria

Or rather, merge ID and *ID*.

#159 fixed (in master) Trimming down the number of compile-time options CJNyfalt

Compile-time options (defines) are more annoying than in-game options because they are hard to debug, and should be kept to a minimum.

I suggest removal of the following (from config.h and other files):

  • SAFE_SETUID & SAFE_SETUID_POSIX (on): See my post on the forum some days ago.
  • ALLOW_AUTOROLLER (on): There are variants where the game won't even compile if this one is turned off.
  • ALLOW_REPEAT (on): This is an important part of the UI, and there should be no reason to turn it off.
  • CAPITALIZE_USER_NAME (on): No reason at all to have this as an option.

Other issues in config.h:

  • GJW_RANDART is still present in the ANGBAND_LITE block even if it has been removed.
  • MONSTER_FLOW_DEPTH doesn't belong in this file.
  • A comment on why Macs and Windows machines doesn't handle signals would also be welcome.
#160 fixed (in master) player_egid needs to be set for all SET_UID systems CJNyfalt

main.c: The player_egid variable needs to be set for all SET_UID code, not just HAVE_SETEGID. The relevant code should read like this:

#ifdef SET_UID

/* Get the user id (?) */
player_uid = getuid();

/* Save some info for later */
player_egid = getegid();

#endif /* SET_UID */

BTW, the comments could also use some cleanup.

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