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#52 fixed (in master) Simplify (at least condense) obscure options takkaria

Matthias Kurzke: "If you want to unify keys, the first thing could be to unify @#$%&= to a general "options and settings" command with submenus. These rarely-used functions don't really need to have extra keys."

This is a good idea. Not sure how to best do it without clutter right now, though.

#55 fixed (in master) Introduce unit testing takkaria

Yeah, this is probably a pipedream. There should be a milestone "far far future".


#57 wontfix Do spells with edit files (like UnAngband) pmac

There are a small number of genuinely diffent spell types. It would be nice to have edit files like UnAngband? to specify spell levels, fail rates, and action. The current model (spells in p_class.txt in a mysterious order) makes it incredibly hard to add new spells.

process_spell_blows &c, with some modification to allow parse of damage, is the critical component, though some cleanup (making more tables) is needed.

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