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#993 fixed (in v4) Fully implement HURT_FIRE and HURT_COLD magnate MarbleDice

Monsters with HURT_FIRE and HURT_COLD take x2 damage from spell effects, but no monsters have these flags.

Additionally, monsters with these flags should probably take extra damage from weapon brands - perhaps x5 instead of x3.

See also #443.

#1004 fixed (in v4) obj-power.c: address weight properly magnate magnate

Power should be based on AC per unit weight for armour items, bearing in mind that base AC cannot be disenchanted. Depends on #951.

For melee weapons heavier means more damage from criticals (until these are reworked), but lighter means more blows (need to observe breakpoints like 25lbs until after #987).

For everything else (launchers, lights, jewelry), lighter is better.

#1014 fixed (in v4) Get rid of the hard limit for artifact lights and jewelry magnate magnate

I suspect this will actually be quite difficult, but it would be nice to have the same open-ended possibilities for these artifacts as for others. Means some sort of mechanism for adding flavours during randart generation (which might help with #979).

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