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#1601 fixed (in master) monster.txt and poison resistance GabeCunningham PowerWyrm

Commit b695d461be8258747320cf7f6cbe52779c614210 added a lot of useless IM_POIS flags: skeletons, coins, wraiths, liches all have IM_POIS defined in monster_base.txt. These flags can be removed.

IM_POIS has also been added to some ghosts. Now all ghosts have IM_POIS, the flag can be moved to monster_base.txt.

Dark elves now all have no IM_POIS except dark elven druids. Deliberate (because they have S_SPIDER)?

Orcs got IM_POIS removed except Golfimbul and Ugluk. Deliberate (because they have other IM flags)?

#1633 fixed (in master) Unignoring status not saved GabeCunningham magnate

So all squelched items are always visible on loading, until you press K.

#561 fixed (in master) Repeat command ('n') interactions with confusion and @f1 Mangojuice Sean

The repeat command currently serves as a slight workaround for confusion. For example, if when performing archery a spellcaster confuses @, continued archery via 'n' does not appear to be subject to the confusion check. Each arrow unerringly goes toward the target (at least, with old target on).

'n' also interacts unexpectedly with inscribed ammo. If in inventory slot t, arrows {@f1} and in slot u, arrows {@f2}, when the @f1 arrows in t are used up via 'n', the @f2 arrows now in slot t will be fired by 'n', instead of the normal error expected from f1 with no appropriate @f1 ammo.

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