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#167 fixed (in master) Fix help text takkaria

Command descriptions still say that you "interact with macros" with "@"-key, visuals with "%" and system with "!".

Current link for 3.0.8 changes doesn't work; it needs to be changed to use a letter. (To see what I mean, press '?' and then '1'.)

Current preserve option (on the '=' screen) reads: "Preserve artifacts when leaving level"; should be "Don't preserve...".

#168 fixed (in master) Squelch issues takkaria takkaria


  • When you use an un-id'd item that is autoinscribed {squlech} it tries to squelch it even though you have already used it. i.e. "you drink a brown potion, you are confused, you have no more potions of confsion {squelch}, nothing found to squelch."

Squelching should work as follows:

  • squelch_hide hides all squelched items; when something is squelched, it's dropped and thus ignored
  • otherwise, the user has to use k! to destroy squelched items.
#169 fixed (in master) Self knowledge display ('~') revealing too much ajps takkaria

Looks like the "self knowledge" display is showing attributes from un-ID'd equipment. Found a robe of elvenkind @ 300ft can see the "hidden powers" on the self knowledge screen.

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