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#170 fixed (in master) UI niggles ajps takkaria
  • Numpad keys (2, 8) don't work in-store.
  • Not obvious when selecting an item on the knowledge screen ('~') why things don't work.
  • "My inventory and equip windows swap sides every time I try to equip or use something. If I have both windows up, there's no reason to make the inv window show equips or vice versa." This didn't happen in 3.0.7 or before.
  • Might be useful to have a confirmation of what item should be purchased in stores.
  • In stores, the display shows a -more- prompt even when all the stock is in fact on view, if the list reaches the bottom of the screen.
  • In stores, switching between the help and non-help views has odd behaviour on leaving and re-entering.
#171 fixed (in master) Broken pseudo-ID takkaria

Reported for the 2007-06-28 nightly:

Closed & re-opened the game and all the items which had previously been pseudo-id'd had lost their ID inscription when I restarted the game.

#172 fixed (in master) Ego-item knowledge ('~') doesn't work takkaria

This might be something related to never setting the everseen field of the e_info type. (Fallout from squelch cleanup)

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