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#187 fixed (in master) Prayer books lose spells takkaria

The prayers in both "Words of Wisdom" and "Chants and Blessings" reverted to 'unknown' after they had successfully been read (from 'untried'). They eventually displayed as expected, but only once all the rest of the prayers in the books had been learned and cast.

#188 fixed (in master) Fix object compaction takkaria takkaria

Up the maximum # of objects on the level to 1024.

When compression happens, destroy objects in this order:

  • gold
  • squelched items
  • normal items

This may require three passes.

#189 fixed (in master) Autoinscriptions can be used to pre-ID items ajps ekolis

Start a mage and set word of recall scrolls to be autoinscribed "recall". End that game and with the same savefile start some other character class and go to the item knowledge screen and scroll down to the line with "recall" listed and press "r". You will be told what the scroll's flavor is, effectively identifying that flavor of scroll!

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