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#274 fixed (in master) Walking over objects while blinded doesn't mark them Big Al

Ticket #161 fixed it so that you can now 'feel' objects as you walk over them while blind, but it doesn't mark then on the map now that you know about them by walking on them. I noticed this while blinded and tried to use a potion off the ground (that I hadn't seen while non-blinded) using 'q' + '-' and it wouldn't let me.

It should either mark objects as you walk over them blind, or allow the use of unmarked-objects off the ground (by changing 0x03 to 0x01 (?) in get_item() ~ line 2915 in object1.c?).

#329 fixed (in master) Object Description Tweaks & Other Minor Quibbles takkaria Big Al

Object description bugs:

  • In the similar vain as change [de46106] (SVN r439), there is a missing space in un-*id*'ed artifacts descriptions: "It might have hidden powers.It was dropped by xxx on dungeon level xxx".
  • The description for !CCW is "When ingested, it heals you a little (30% or 30 HP),..." - the opening parenthesis before the '30%' is green.

Changing the line

if (isdigit((unsigned char) *desc) || isdigit((unsigned char) *(desc + 1)))


if (isdigit((unsigned char) *desc))

fixes the !CCW but then the 'd' in '2d4' is not coloured.

  • Not a big deal, but objects stocked in a store say in the object description "It was bought in a store", even before it was bought.
  • In the line that says where an object was found ("dropped by a xxx on level yyy"), the depth is not coloured green, to be consistent with monster descriptions where the " normally found on dungeon level xxx" is coloured.

Other minor stuff:

  • I'd suggest changing "the arrow disappears" to "the arrow breaks" - makes more sense since presumably, if the arrow only disappears, I should be able to look hard enough to find it again.
  • I know objects are still in the process of being changed, but Rods of Object Detection (and presumably treasure detection too - haven't found one yet) ask for a direction when zapped.
  • With the new gain-one-lose-one stat potions (which are a very clever idea, btw), if the 'loss' stat is sustained, you still gain the other stat. Was this an intended consequence of change [c1a7a34] (SVN r431)? (Since do_dec_stat() returns true if the stat was actually or if it was sustained.) They act as normal stat gain potions if you have the appropriate sustain, the way it is now.

PS. In the future, should I have put all of these (very minor) changes as separate tickets, or just left it has one big one?

#338 fixed (in master) Mac OS X Open Dialogbox Big Al

The 'open' dialogbox in the os x port (accessed via the 'open' menu or cmd-o) does not respond to (nearly all) keystrokes. You can't use the arrow or letter keys to choose the save file you want, nor use enter to select it. The only thing that it seems to respond to is cmd-d to jump to the desktop, cmd-up to move up a folder level (but not cmd-down to move down a folder level!), and of course the mouse.

Worked in 3.0.6 fine, didn't in 3.0.8 and later.

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