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#1415 fixed (in v4) Create OF_GOOD to distinguish high-level wearables magnate magnate

We've been struggling for years with the fact that a small number of armours and weapons are in a different class from most base items. These include DSMs, Blades of Chaos, Scythes of Slicing, Maces of Disruption, and Elven Cloaks.

The proposal is to give these items OF_GOOD in object.txt, enabling us to test for this flag elsewhere in the code (e.g. squelching).

#1446 fixed (in v4) Separate monster AC into evasion and absorption magnate

This has actually been done by fizzix in a branch months ago, but it needs a ticket to track various issues, because other tickets are dependent upon it. As well as the basic combat mechanics and the additional field in monster.txt, it requires some re-thinking of how slays and brands work (do they simply add to damage and therefore affect only absorption, or do they reduce or bypass evasion? Should either impact be linear or percentile or something else?). Then see #534.

Note that making this separation for the player would be a whole different project and would need its own ticket.

#1458 fixed (in v4) Add a borg elly magnate

Ideally we want the quality of APW's AI, but a completely different input mechanism (in anticipation of the CoreUiSplit). But anything that runs around the dungeon doing the usual stuff like picking stuff up and killing monsters would be a good start for catching more bugs in staging. Like a semi-intelligent version of main-test.c ...

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