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#1939 invalid gcu interface gives a blank screen on OpenBSD. vext01


I'm trying to update the OpenBSD port of angband to 4.0.0.

The graphical mode works fine, however -mgcu gives a blank screen. I have tried TERM={vt100, xterm-color, xterm} and I am using LC-CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8. I have even tried changing my terminal colour scheme to no avail.

I can escape the blank screen by hitting ctrl+c, so I think the game is running, just the graphics cannot be seen.

May be related to #1638?

#1159 wontfix Problems with html screendumps twilight_forest@…

Version: 3.1.2 [8f42700] (SVN r1973) using Windows executable.

When doing a screendump permanent walls reverts from light blue to default brown '#'. Thats the only change I've done to features, so I guess features resets. It only happens when using html & forum embedded html options, not the pure text-dump.

Replication: Change feature color (permanent wall). Append it to a prf-file (I used rogue.prf). Make a screendump ')' with option 'h'tml or 'f'orum embedded html while having a permanent wall in sight. It reverts to default.

#1184 fixed (in master) Bug (possible) with rating (level feelings) for OOD objects in r2038 magnate twilight_forest@…

I noticed that you get a lot of good feelings etc nowadays and checked out what caused this. Apparently (if I'm not wrong) an objects level (first number after "W:" in object.txt) is not only used for determining difficulty to use wands, staffs and rods, but also for determining out of depth.

What this means is (for instance) that !rMana that start appearing at L15 (A:80:15 to 100) have a level for determining OOD of 25. This means that level-feelings get an enormous boost due to the fact that several objects are common before becoming OOD with this calculation.

I guess this was an unintentional (recent?) change. If you want to keep the levels for device failures etc, you could always use the allocation min-depth for OOD ratings. Or you could just revert the behavoiur a bit and make the W-entry equal the min-allocation one.

I'll make a ticket for this one as well.


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