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#1540 fixed (in v4) Remove bogus pvals magnate magnate

Prior to lots of other object stuff (see Goals for 3.4 but in particular #1039) we need to stop using pvals for stuff that isn't a pval flag. The three cases are:

food: I suggest a simple o_ptr->food value would suffice, though there are probably better solutions long-term

fuel: again, o_ptr->fuel suggests itself. In fact this could do for both fuel and food, unless we envisage some sort of elvish draught that would have one value when quaffed and another when poured into a lamp. Decrementing this value for in-use lights would probably be easier than using o_ptr->timeout.

gold: IMO this ought to be fixed by making o_ptr->number u16b and multiplying by sval to get the gp value

#1557 fixed (in v4) Show pushes to angband/v4 in #angband-dev magnate

It would be good to see when stuff is pushed to branches as well as to those in

#1559 fixed (in v4) Make themes more random magnate magnate

Now that v4 has forked, we can make themes vary by having a percent chance of applying each affix, rather than automatically applying all of them.

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