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#521 fixed (in master) strange startup hang problem on XP ChodTheWacko

For whatever reason, Angband hangs on my machine during startup if I have a command prompt open.

For example, I can do this: Okay, well, this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

If I run the binary, and I have a 'command prompt' open, Angband hangs at startup. If I exit all command windows, then it will start. The hanging Angband will also resume if I exit the command prompt.

So I can do something like: start -> run -> cmd

in the new command prompt: F:\Documents and Settings\Frank>cd i:\games\angsrc\trunk F:\Documents and Settings\Frank>i: I:\games\angsrc\trunk>start angband

(angband hangs)

I:\games\angsrc\trunk>exit (command prompt closes and angband pops up!)

This also happens with the nightly builds.

This currently always happens on my box - I'm running XP.

#497 fixed (in master) store.c: buy with g/p broken in roguelike keyset roustk@…

Problem lies at 2615 in store.c. The roguelike side of the switch was not updated for the new "buy using g/p not enter" behavior in 3.0.9a.

Suggestion (pairing commands from the Original side):

menu.cmd_keys = "\n\x010\r?=CPdegEiI\x04xpsTwhl\x8B\x8C"; /* \x10 = ^p */
menu.selections = "abcfmnoqrtuvyz13456790ABDFGH";

Changed commands are b-P, k-^D, l-x, t-T, ARROW_LEFT-h, ARROW_RIGHT-l. I also retained ARROW_LEFT and ARROW_RIGHT in the roguelike list.

Suggestion: add '{' and '}' to the list of commands that work in the store.

#1190 fixed (in master) squelch_bad accesses knowledge the player does not have magnate eddiegrove@…


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