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#407 fixed (in master) Messages when not sensing anything? Big Al

When you cast a spell of detect {stairs, evil, traps, monsters, etc} and you don't detect anything, you get no feedback whatsoever from the game. There should be a message saying along the lines of "You don't sense anything" instead. Otherwise, I'm always left wondering if I messed up pressing the keys correctly to cast the spell or if I actually cast the spell and nothing happened.

Note that this should only happen when you already know what the spell does (ie. suppress the message when reading un-IDed scrolls,etc.) so that it's still a (bit of a) challenge to ID stuff by experimentation.

#408 fixed (in master) Small ID bug Big Al

When you read an unidentified scroll, and it turns out to be a scroll of ID, the ID scroll itself is in the list of "What do you want to ID?", even though you obviously know now that it's a ?oID. Same for staffs and rods.

#410 fixed (in master) Period missing after charging rod message Big Al

If you try to zap a rod that it still charging, there's no period after the message "The rod still charging". It looks odd when two messages are right beside each other, eg. "The rod is still charging The Giant white louse hits you."

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