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#1185 fixed (in master) [r2040] Unarmed attacks that hit get no message. magnate twilight_forest@…

There's a small bug when punches (unarmed hits) did not get a message. I attach a small patch that fixes this.

#745 fixed (in master) monster group movement bug(s) tigen

It looks like the monster group code doesn't check if the monster is next to the player already before trying to "surround" him. It tries to find an empty square next to the player. Only if it happens to already be in that square will it attack; otherwise it moves next to the player.

See melee2.c:2852 /* Monster groups try to surround the player */

Possibly a related problem is that the monster follows a repeating pattern due to the algorithm being only "semi-random" to pick squares. Maybe it should be actually-random.

I have a save file demonstrating the bug here:

#770 fixed (in master) item pickup energy inconsistency tigen

It looks to me (from reading the source) that the energy used for picking up items is different in do_cmd_pickup() versus do_cmd_hold(), or from auto-pickup. The do_cmd_pickup() function has a cap ("maximum time expenditure is a full turn") but the other two places where pickup is called don't appear to have that cap, unless I'm missing something.

I guess this would only affect things if there were >10 items in a pile.

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