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#1561 fixed (in v4) Overhaul knowledge menus noz magnate

Themes need to show up on the "ego item" knowledge menu.

We need a new "known runes" knowledge menu, which will need to make fake objects and call them with OINFO_EGO.

#1563 fixed (in v4) Save everseen info somewhere sensible magnate magnate

ego->everseen info is currently saved in wr_squelch. Ugh.

kind->everseen is saved in wr_object_memory, which is obvious.

artifact->everseen is saved in wr_artifacts, which is equally obvious.

affix and theme everseens don't belong in either of those, so I suggest we add them to wr_misc. Incidentally, this would be the place to read and write things like MAX_PVALS, OF_SIZE, OF_BYTES and MAX_AFFIXES, once. Providing it's loaded before rd_item is ever used ... (or indeed anything that needs them).

#1565 fixed (in v4) Use affixes in artifact names magnate magnate

The introduction of affixes has led to changes to base items to remove references to make, material or quality. This means that the following artifacts stick out, because they currently use base items that no longer exist:

  • Razorback
  • Bladeturner
  • Mediator
  • Soulkeeper
  • Celeborn
  • Belegennon
  • Deathwreaker
  • Doomcaller
  • Gondor
  • Numenor
  • Luthien
  • Tuor
  • Stormwalker

We could use different a different base item for Stormwalker without anybody really noticing, but the others really need to keep their flavourful item names. This means making sure that the affix is included in the artifact name.

This could also be used as a mechanism for generating artifacts via affixes (like themes), but that's a separate piece of work. For now let's just make sure they're not obviously identifiable across the dungeon, and have the right names when they're known.

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