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#423 fixed (in master) Bigscreen support for self-knowledge screen Big Al

The self knowledge screen is still limited to the default size of 23 or so lines. It looks odd when you have to view your self knowledge in two screens when there's plenty of room to fit everything on one screen.

#424 fixed (in master) Reorder Monster List Big Al

It would be nice if the 'display monster list' (which lists all the monster that you know of) was sorted by the depth of the monsters, so the the deepest monsters are listed first.

If you cast detection on eg. a large vault, it will show the a couple dozen types of monsters and "...and 98 others."; the player cares about the high level uniques and such, not about the jackals. Currently, it lists all the jackals and small kobolds first (in the same order as monster.txt). It would be nice to see at a glance what the most difficult monster on the screen is.

#481 fixed (in master) Char History Screen Incorrect Starting Turn Big Al

On the Character History Screen, in the very first entry in the list ("Began the quest to destroy Morgoth") it has the incorrect turn count - it looks like it uses the turncount from the previous lifetime instead of '0'. (ie. if I died after a 100000 turns and then start a new char, the it will say that I started my quest to kill morgoth at turn 100000).

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