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#1574 fixed (in v4) Use random names for runes magnate

The rune knowledge menu needs to work like the object knowledge menu: showing all the unknown rune names at the start of the game, and then converting them to the real names as they are learned.

The Inspect screen needs to show:

known runes: Strength, Slay Troll
unknown runes: YGGDR, EHOLT

or whatever. We can then do away with listing the affixes in the Inspect screen.

#1576 fixed (in v4) Make sure that learning the absence of a rune does not mark it known magnate magnate

Reported by Nomad - runes are showing up in the known runes knowledge menu when they are learned as being *absent*.

Score one for the runes knowledge menu!!

#1581 fixed (in v4) Make alloc_max checks use p_ptr->depth magnate magnate

At the moment the legality of affixes checks alloc_min and alloc_max against the passed-in effective generation level (which is depth modified by various factors, all of which increase it). This works well for generating OOD items/affixes, but less well for maxima. Checking alloc_max against p_ptr->depth instead of level would solve this problem neatly.

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