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#550 fixed (in master) Show all monsters when using '[' Big Al

When you press '[' to display all the visible monsters, it should list all the monsters on the screen, over several pages (like the self knowledge screen), instead of the "...and 37 more" message. The "...and 37 more" message should only display in the subwindow.

Also, the '[' command needs to be added to commands.txt.

#560 fixed (in master) Limit char dumps to 80 characters wide Big Al

Character dumps should be reformatted a bit to be no more than eighty characters wide. It would make dumps on eg. r.g.r.a a lot easier to read. (see for example - all the stat lines are slightly too long.) It looks like there are enough room in between the sex and age fields (etc.) to remove a few spaces.

#568 fixed (in master) Objects on ground show up in shops Big Al

Occasionally, when I'm buying something from a store, objects on the ground show up in the shop background.

See for example. There are two staves and two soft leather armours on the ground that show up in the picture. They are not the only objects on the ground outside - it's only showing four of the couple dozen objects that were sitting on the ground outside the shop. This only happens about every ten or or twenty or so times that I buy something. Different objects show up each time. They only show up for that one message and disappear again as soon as I press any key.

I'm OS/X, rev 812.

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