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#8 Find-as-you-type monster recall new change Future normal
#13 Replace current "interactive" help with context help new change Future normal
#14 Add "tutorial mode" new change Future normal
#39 Bring back player ghosts assigned GabeCunningham change v4 normal
#42 Make all terminal access/printing functions use (y, x) co-ordinates new task Future normal
#45 Minimise usage of standard string functions new task Ongoing normal
#53 Allow keyset-agnostic keymaps assigned takkaria change Future normal
#64 Add reference counting for inscriptions new task Future low
#66 "Panic saves" shouldn't overwrite normal savefiles new task Future normal
#67 Throwing potions should cause the potions effect on the target new change Future normal
#68 Improve the scorefile format, and the method of scoring assigned MarbleDice change v4 low
#73 Unify line of sight and projection paths new change Future normal
#78 Improve monster behaviour and AI new change v4 normal
#81 Allow Angband to work on 16-row displays new change Future normal
#83 Always use numbers for the labels of spellbooks in the inventory new change Future low
#97 Outstanding menus to fix assigned takkaria task Future normal
#105 Better keymap UI assigned takkaria change Future normal
#150 In-game savefile selector (a la ToME) new change Future normal
#156 Review and incorporate Leon's dungeon patch reopened change v4 normal
#183 Full mouse playability new change Future normal
#221 Switch to using cave_info2[][] for player-specific bits assigned elly task v4
#223 Add support for paragraphs to textblock new change Future
#230 Automatic hiding of sidebar and statusbar new change Future
#277 Mini-map overlay/seperate window new change Future
#291 Delay factor should affect running speed new change Future
#314 Consider allowing user "notes" in various places in the game new change Future
#334 Power comparison in 'l'ook assigned magnate change v4
#354 Add keep_room_on_screen option new change Future
#377 Too many hacks? assigned elly task Future
#379 Average spell damage when browsing. new change Future
#414 Import UnAngband's easy_more option new change Future
#425 Full mouse support in character creation new change Future
#435 "Conducts" system new change v4
#502 Using the new flavours proposed on the forum? new change Future
#518 Maintain savefile compatibility when editing monster.txt assigned GabeCunningham change v4
#564 Need some analysis of mage spells new task v4
#574 Enable the good bits of adult_ai_smart without the brokenness assigned takkaria change Future
#575 Steal more Un rod/wand/staff flavours new change Future
#578 Possibly implement a "targetted teleport" feature? new change v4
#581 Use a flag-based terrain system new task v4
#591 Monster recovery should happen each turn regardless of how far away monsters are from the player assigned GabeCunningham change v4
#618 Using the Mouse to look around. new change Future
#619 Potion of flight rather than ring of escape new change v4
#623 tele_to should check the destination more carefully new change v4
#744 Making the object list more useful assigned MarbleDice change Future
#756 More flexible windowing in the gcu-port new change Future
#769 Assertions assigned elly task Future
#776 Collect statistics on dungeon generation assigned d_m task Future
#837 Give a meaning to object colors new magnate change v4
#857 ^t, !*, !d, !g, and \s new change Future
#869 Check and revise monster power algorithm assigned magnate change v4
#879 Search the home assigned magnate change Future
#963 Pathfinding new change v4
#966 Repeat and Scrolls assigned takkaria bug Future
#1002 Re-do curses in randart.c new magnate change v4
#1003 obj-power.c: calculate values for resists based on monster power new magnate change v4
#1006 Rewrite randart.c for fully comprehensive tracking of combinations assigned magnate change v4
#1024 Rebalance classes new change v4
#1041 Refactor effects to allow variables assigned magnate task v4
#1045 Randart activation messages sometimes inappropriate assigned magnate bug v4
#1098 make 'distclean' cleans too much, 'clean' too little assigned noz bug Future
#1114 Use Sparkle for automatic game updates on OS X new task Future
#1118 Use a more accurate distance function reopened d_m change Future
#1124 Consolidate flag data into list-* files assigned magnate task v4
#1161 Split the object list into LOS and aware new change v4
#1162 Press a key to make @ flash briefly new change Future
#1165 Collect stats on randarts assigned magnate task v4
#1172 Suggestion for change to monster memory display format new change v4
#1175 Stack items when dropping new change Future
#1176 Monster recall fails in subwindow with flickering monsters assigned d_m bug Future
#1182 Changes to regen new change Future
#1191 More info when inspecting items new change v4
#1202 Sensible array for artifact creation new elly task Future
#1255 Allow squelching from look command new change Future
#1273 Squelch menu and knowledge menu show different objects at start of game assigned myshkin change Future
#1280 Allow --with-varpath to override PRIVATE_USER_DIR assigned noz bug Future
#1286 SDL: better font selection new change Future
#1317 Remove hard-coded dependence on monster display characters new change Future
#1375 Add Mac OS X support to and support to the Mac build assigned myshkin change Future
#1376 Extract text strings for monster spells to an edit file assigned magnate change v4
#1408 Monster-specific ESP new change v4
#1410 Smooth-scrolling tiles new change Future
#1421 Add more caster items new change v4
#1428 [Proposal] Monster Recall Highlighting for Troublesome Monsters assigned magnate change Future
#1436 Distinguish combat bonuses between weapons, launchers and other sources new change v4
#1437 Distinguish side effects from damage for monster melee attacks new magnate change v4
#1448 Allow specification of seed_randart new change Future
#1450 Store knowledge of what in-LOS monsters have picked up or stolen new change v4
#1451 Fix random_value parsing so that you can specify certain negative values assigned elly bug v4
#1453 Document pref file syntax & fix in-game interfaces assigned takkaria bug Future
#1460 Non-English keyboard layouts have problems for commonly-used commands on SDL and OS X reopened takkaria bug Future
#1476 Improve stats collection for items assigned myshkin change Future
#1483 Make chests more interesting new change Future
#1490 Stat coloring / message bugs assigned myshkin bug Future
#1497 Create an interactive monster.txt editor new task v4
#1499 Replace indices in function calls with pointers new task Future
#1504 Tidy up lighting code assigned takkaria change Future
#1509 Save entire message history new change Future
#1525 create_needed_dirs() should not try to create anything under /usr or /etc assigned magnate bug Future
#1534 Building with curses fails on cygwin new bug Future
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