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GabeCunningham (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#39 Bring back player ghosts Main game v4 change 03/21/07

Would be a nice feature to have for a release like 3.1.

#518 Maintain savefile compatibility when editing monster.txt v4 change 03/14/08

In my personal copy, I'm working on moving monsters around (so that they appear in ascending order of depth), and also on adding new monsters. However, doing so really screws with my monster memory, because everything is keyed on the monster's index in the edit file. It would be nice if we could lessen this effect. I'll be thinking of how we might approach this.

#591 Monster recovery should happen each turn regardless of how far away monsters are from the player v4 change 05/06/08

As far as I can tell, if a monster is fully healed but stunned/confused/afraid and is half a dungeon away from the player, those status effects will not go away.

The problem here is as follows:

  • player hurts monster (lots)
  • monster runs away to other side of the dungeon
  • monster gets up to full HP (because monster HP recovers regardless of distance, see dungeon.c:regen_monsters())
  • because monster is out of range from the player and is fully healed, the status effects don't go away (see melee2.c:process_monsters())

Suggested fix:

  • heal status effects regardless of distance

process_monster() in melee2.c is a bit horrific and needs splitting out into smaller functions, too. Should move regen_monsters() to melee2.c too.

MarbleDice (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#68 Improve the scorefile format, and the method of scoring Main game v4 change 03/29/07

Use a cleverer method of scoring, which is incremented over the course of a game. e.g. for moving to a new dungeon level, you get 10000 points minus however many player-turns you were on the previous level for. finding an artifact gives you +5000, killing normal monsters 0, killing OoD monsters 1pt/depth.

#744 Making the object list more useful Future change 01/16/09

Right now, the object list is usable early on to see if you've missed an interesting object. But it becomes less useful later on, for a couple of (related) reasons:

  1. Squelch rules are not very fine-grained, and it's not possible to squelch Soft Leather Armor of Resist Fire without also squelching Steel-Shod Boots of Speed. So the object list becomes full of items of dubios value.
  1. The delete interface is clunky and dangerous.
  1. As the object list grows longer, it becomes difficult to actually find and take the listed objects.

I propose to:

  1. Change ']' into a (pageable) menu
  1. Selecting an item on this menu highlights the item on the map, and the shortest path to it.
  1. While the path is displayed, other item-commands are available - k for remote-squelch, r for run along path, I for Information.
  1. Clicking on the object list menu has the effect of a display-path (to be elaborated)
  1. (optional) Change 'k' from destroy into squelch-one, which is much the same but reversable and doesn't need a prompt.

d_m (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1176 Monster recall fails in subwindow with flickering monsters Future bug 07/17/10

If you share monster recall and monster list in a subwindow, it is not possible to view the recall info (e.g. when you 'l'ook) for multi-coloured monsters such as multi-hued dragons, disenchanter eyes etc. with the new colour-cycling code in place.

The recall info is immediately replaced by the monster list again, presumably because the colour-cycling code generates a periodic redraw event.

#776 Collect statistics on dungeon generation Future task 01/30/09

This is so that when dungeon levels aren't always quite so big, we can keep relative levels the same.

elly (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1451 Fix random_value parsing so that you can specify certain negative values v4 bug 05/30/11

At the moment -1 works and 1-2d3M4 works (both the die roll and the m_bonus are treated as negative), but -1-2d3M4 does not work. Nor does 1+2d3-M4 or 1-2d3+M4 (maybe the latter shouldn't, but the former should).

#221 Switch to using cave_info2[][] for player-specific bits v4 task 07/08/07

Rename cave_info2[][] to play_info[][]. Separate out 'player'-related flags into the play_info array and keep 'cave'-related flags in the cave_info array. (Un-style)

#377 Too many hacks? Future task 08/27/07

The current code, as of revision 543, has no less then 1212 occurrences of the word "hack". Perhaps we should evaluate these, and determine which can be reworked, which are necessary evils, and which aren't really hacks at all?

Here is the breakdown, simply based on how many times the word hack was used. Note that I haven't checked for context, and this is from svn, so some of this code may be hacks simply because it is in flux: main files:
main-crb.c 35
main-x11.c 21
main-xaw.c 20
main-gtk.c 9
main-sdl.c 4
maid-x11.c 2

cave.c 54
util.c 53
spells1.c 52
object1.c 48
xtra2.c 47
dungeon.c 45
cmd4.c 43
z-term.c 38
files.c 32
melee2.c 28
variable.c 24
store.c 23
birth.c 19
wizard2.c 18
score.c 16
monster1.c 14
cmd2.c 14
attack.c 14
melee1.c 13
pathfind.c 12
init2.c 8
h-basic.h 4
z-rand.c 2
types.h 2
x-spell.c 1
option.h 1
cmd0.c 1
cmd-obj.c 1
angband.h 1

#769 Assertions Future task 01/23/09

~/s/angband/src$ find . -name '*.c' | xargs wc -l | tail -1

130707 total

~/s/angband/src$ grep -R assert * | wc -l


The ratio between these two numbers is "somewhat low", to quote a friend of mine. We should probably have on the order of 2-3 assertions per medium-sized function.

magnate (15 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1045 Randart activation messages sometimes inappropriate v4 bug 12/15/09

This is inevitable since the randomisation of effects - the message is a property of the parent artifact, not of the effect. Ideally I'd like to move them into the effects framework at some point, if Takkaria is willing. For an interim fix I could just go through and make them all generic (i.e. no references to "goodness" or "healing").

#1525 create_needed_dirs() should not try to create anything under /usr or /etc Future bug 08/31/11


the current dev version (git) doesnt compile correctly on Linux x86_64. I will attach the log from the build - a binary is created but it seems that the lib directory isnt setup completely.

Checkout is done this way:

git clone http://github.com/angband/angband.git

Build is done this way:

  ./configure \
    --prefix=/usr \
    --bindir=/usr/bin/ \
    --sysconfdir=/usr/share/angband \
    --with-configpath=/usr/share/angband \
    --with-libpath=/usr/share/angband \
    --enable-gtk \
    --enable-sdl \
  make clean
  make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install

Sure, $pkgdir is set.

I tried a local, existing git repository and also did a fresh checkout.

Must check this later on x86 too.

gcc version

gcc (GCC) 4.6.1 20110819 (prerelease)
Copyright (C) 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO



#1590 Recalibrate level feelings Future bug 11/26/11

Consensus is that level feelings are too low in 3.3.x - some ideas for improvement in this thread:


#334 Power comparison in 'l'ook v4 change 08/05/07

When 'l'ooking at a monster, one should get a general view of how powerful the monster is, in comparison to oneself. This would be particularly useful for newbies and/or those with little monster memory. Something like one of the following strings would be added to the 'l'ook output:

"You could squash this monster like a bug!" "This monster looks about your equal in combat." "This monster will crush you underfoot."

...and so on and so forth. Not sure how to do the comparison yet - perhaps just some function of level versus depth of monster?

#869 Check and revise monster power algorithm v4 change 05/28/09

While working on [57756ec] (SVN r1415) I thought it would be good to list visible monsters in descending order of power, regardless of depth. This immediately revealed a need to take a good look at the current monster power calculation, because the ordering made no sense whatsoever:

snaga (power 28)
uruk (power 24)
orc shaman (power 4)

So the snaga's power needs fixing at least, and possibly others. I'll start by printing out everything's power and having a look for outliers.

#879 Search the home Future change 06/16/09

I could really use some way to search my home. Say for example that I found a new item I want to wear, but if I do I lose nether resistance. I could then press / in my home and enter nether, and only those item matching would be shown or highlighted.

#1006 Rewrite randart.c for fully comprehensive tracking of combinations v4 change 11/22/09

e.g. tracking combinations of multiple sustains as well as single sustains. Tracking ESP on any item type, not just on hats. Etc.

#1376 Extract text strings for monster spells to an edit file v4 change 03/19/11

Like monster pain messages. Very like that, in fact.

The refactor that finally delivered #803 also created a mon_spell_table and a side_effects_table, but I stopped short of putting all the different verbs and strings into the effects table (see slay_table and mon_spell_table for the ugliness of that). Moving the text to an edit file would be a lot cleaner, and would be a good step towards making the whole lot editable. So I have postponed the refactoring of the non-damaging monster spells in order not to lose too much flavour.

I'm now concentrating on obj-power.c, so this ticket is a reminder to come back and finish the refactoring afterwards.

#1428 [Proposal] Monster Recall Highlighting for Troublesome Monsters Future change 05/08/11

As of 3.1.2v2, monster recall highlighting appears to be:

redout of depth
whiteeverything else

However, there are in-depth non-unique monsters that are very capable of significant damage or even (near) instant kill depending on a number of factors.

Granted, angband is inherently not a "fair" game, as a single mistake can result in death. As such, requests to remove some of the more difficult monsters have been declined, commenting that players should learn from experience.

However, player's who have had that experience with certain monsters may not recall it until it's far too late... (even if the knowledge is available through the monster memory).

Proposing highlighting monsters in yellow that have killed significant numbers of your ancestors, who have yet to be avenged or perhaps you've only been able to kill once or twice or are known to have a max damage / turn that far exceeds your own or your max HP.

redout of depth
whiteeverything else

#1550 Socket system Future change 10/10/11

I noticed in the FATE games how some pieces of equipment have sockets, into which gemstones can be installed to give the equipment certain new features and powerups, like resistance to elements or extra speed. I think it would be a great idea to carry a similar idea over to Angband, allowing the users to practically create their own specialized weapons and armour.

This may seem like it would make the game way too easy, but bear in mind, variables can be tweaked to make the gemstone effects as mild and the sockets as rare as we want.

#1041 Refactor effects to allow variables v4 task 12/13/09

Inspired by #1038, the effects framework could be tidied up a lot if effects were of the form:


e.g. BOLT: ACID: 5d8 or BREATH: CHAOS: 200: 2

instead of ACID_BOLT2 etc.

This would also make #992 a lot easier.

#1124 Consolidate flag data into list-* files v4 task 02/25/10

Likely candidates include:

  • obj-info.c *_flags[] description table
  • obj-make.c xtra tables
  • identify.c msgs table
  • identify.c ad-hoc obvious messages
  • init1.c token table
  • randart.c name table

And probably others.

#1165 Collect stats on randarts v4 task 06/23/10

One good way to measure the validity of the randart generator is to produce useful stats. This is distinct from either the randart.log file or the spoiler and would include things like:

numbers of each tval (or indeed sval)
min/max/mean/variance for base weapon damage
number of weapons with multiple brands, all three x5 slays, etc. (this should be weighted by rarity)
off-weapon damage boosts, shots, blows, brands, slays

Etc. Ideally these stats would be submitted directly to a central server (along with the code revision) so that we can build up a picture of the degree of anomaly generated over time. It's fine if a 9d10 uber-trident shows up once every million games, but not if one shows up once every fifty games. Might have to pilot this bit with netangband.

#1548 Review artifact.txt v4 task 10/05/11

There have been some changes in the weight of base items in the latest releases. Many artifacts have been left untouched, leading to different weight being used. Sometimes, this is deliberate, sometimes not.

Here's the list of all artifacts having a weight different from their base item (artifact weight/base weight):

  • Bladeturner: 250/300 (lighter, probably deliberate)
  • Mediator: 250/280 (probably deliberate)
  • Isildur: 300/360 (probably deliberate)
  • Rohirrim: 200/290 (probably deliberate)
  • Celeborn: 250/300 (probably deliberate)
  • Himring: 100/120 (?)
  • Thalkettoth: 60/140 (probably deliberate)
  • Gil-galad: 80/100 (?)
  • Thorin: 65/60 (missing update/small metal shield)
  • Celegorm: 60/90 (?)
  • Celebrimbor/Thengel?: 20/25 (missing update/metal cap)
  • Thranduil: 15/20 (missing update/hard leather cap)
  • Gorlim: 75/50 (missing update/iron helm)
  • Cambeleg/Cammithrim?: 5/10 (missing update/leather gloves)
  • Zarcuthra: 240/200 (?)
  • Mormegil: 250/200 (?)
  • Aglarang: 50/120 (probably deliberate)
  • Sting: 75/80 (missing update/short sword)
  • Haradekket: 130/150 (?)
  • Melkor: 200/50 (probably deliberate, described as a "heavy spear")
  • Pain: 300/190 (probably deliberate, described as "massive")
  • Osondir: 140/190 (?)
  • Eorlingas: 360/300 (?)
  • Mundwine: 240/250 (missing update/lochaber axe)
  • Avavir: 180/250 (probably deliberate)
  • Taratol: 200/120 (probably deliberate, described as "great mace")
  • Aule: 120/180 (probably deliberate)
  • Gothmog: 90/30 (probably deliberate, described as "great whip")
  • Nain: 240/250 (?)
  • Fundin Bluecloak: 130/150 (missing update/ball-and-chain)

#1558 Changes to tvals and svals v4 task 10/22/11

Following the affixes merge, there are some changes which could be made to tvals and svals:

  • DSM could be created through "<colour> dragon scale" affixes, and removed as tval/base items
  • Seeker arrows and bolts could likewise be created through affixes - this means that ammo could become a single tval, with three svals for arrows/bolts/shots
  • Crowns and helms could share the same tval (IIUC the only reason for the separation was for ego type legality)
  • Ultimately, all melee weapons could share the same tval ...

Following noz's add_kind and fixup_artifact_kinds functions, takkaria said something about possibly being able to get rid of svals altogether ...

molybdenum (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1949 OSX crash on moving monster list window Future bug 09/01/15

See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=103942&postcount=94

myshkin (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1490 Stat coloring / message bugs Future bug 07/05/11

If a character has a stat with a baseline of 3, then stat reduction effects shouldn't give a message or recolor the stat. See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?p=56594.

#1273 Squelch menu and knowledge menu show different objects at start of game Future change 12/22/10

Presumably one is using "everseen"? Or the knowledge of the previous character?

#1375 Add Mac OS X support to configure.ac and version.sh support to the Mac build Future change 03/18/11

Remove the need for Makefile.osx by allowing Mac users to run autogen.sh/configure/make. Also add support for version.sh to the Mac build.

#1476 Improve stats collection for items Future change 06/18/11
  • don't kill the monsters, just do the linked list of monster-held items and then the floor list. (This should remove ORIGIN_MIXED)
  • disaggregate dice for melee weapons and thrown items

#1549 OSX support for double-height tiles Future change 10/09/11

We need to add support for Blubaron's double-height tiles to main-cocoa. See the corresponding work for SDL in commit d05d97a6cb2cc0c9321a9e4bb74fbab69ae6f3d8.

nckmccnnll (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1840 Ensure Visual Studio compatibility Future bug 02/15/15

Things like

static struct init_module arrays_module = {
.name = "arrays",
.init = init_arrays,
.cleanup = cleanup_arrays

are too confusing for it.

noz (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1098 make 'distclean' cleans too much, 'clean' too little Future bug 01/27/10

make distclean removes these files from the .tar.gz. The two first files are needed to build angband:

configure src/autoconf.h.in aclocal.m4

Conversely, make clean does not remove these files, I don't know which ones are intended to stay:

config.log config.status mk/extra.mk mk/sinclude.mk src/angband src/autoconf.h

I notice that src/Makefile gets an apparently unused clean-extra target which removes autoconf.h.

#1280 Allow --with-varpath to override PRIVATE_USER_DIR Future bug 12/24/10

On POSIX systems, configure ignores "varpath", even if it is set explicitly. Elly would like to be able to override this behaviour and set a varpath that isn't ~/.angband/Angband.

takkaria (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#966 Repeat and Scrolls Future bug 09/11/09

AS a side affect of the changes made to the n repeat command, reading scrolls that enchant items / recharge now Forces you to reselect the item every single time, defeating the purpose.

#1453 Document pref file syntax & fix in-game interfaces Future bug 06/01/11

As noted here and further up the thread.


  • Need documentation for messages.prf, maybe others
  • No in-game interface for messages.prf
  • Visuals editor / knowledge editor doesn't let you save there
  • Uneditable symbols for terrain features

#53 Allow keyset-agnostic keymaps Main game Future change 03/21/07

Depends on new menu stuff, #5.

e.g. Being able to specify "eat item 1" in a macro, possibly even "eat 'Ration'". Unsure of practicality, but ToME does something similar.

#105 Better keymap UI Main game Future change 04/26/07

From Ben's notes (clean up):

  • Better interface to the "macro" command, including a keypress for "enter keypress, then action, then choose macro type", and perhaps even some form of macro browsing. It would be nice to actually be able to delete old macros. Perhaps we should combine the "command macros" and "keymaps" into new and improved "keymaps", and use "macros" just for honest to goodness macros.
  • Consider using the "control-right-brace" key as a "macro recording" key, which would save keypresses into the "macro__buf" variable, until the next "control-right-brace" keypress. Actually, this key could be used as the "magic" key that I have been considering, for which macro recording would be but one possible use.

#574 Enable the good bits of adult_ai_smart without the brokenness Future change 04/29/08

Zaimoni wrote on angband.oook.cz: "The only thing broken about it is self-healers, and that is because the monster magic system isn't even vaguely symmetric to the player. There's a lot of broken AI that's fixed by turning on ai_smart, so I recommend at least trying playing with it on."

#1504 Tidy up lighting code Future change 08/05/11


#97 Outstanding menus to fix Main game Future task 04/23/07

Converting to the API:

  • item selection (inven/equip/floor)

Port to a new two-pane menu API:

  • knowledge menu
  • game actions menu

Cleanup code/interface:

  • stores (so much!)
  • fix up current uses of the API to handle resizing

Clean up the API some more:

  • add a table API for e.g. spells, inven, which allows for displaying just plain tables (verb-noun style)
  • split apart action + cmd keys
  • remove the 'notify' parameter to menu_select()
  • stop polluting the EVT_ codes with MOVE and SELECT

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