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#2122 Known object number is incorrect, causing crashes closed fixed (in master) bug 05/25/19
#2116 Stop existence of randart.txt ruining games closed fixed (in master) bug 04/18/19
#2085 Decoy destroyed by TIMED_INC closed fixed (in master) bug 03/26/19
#2098 Shovel weirdness closed fixed (in master) bug 01/27/19
#2064 set_pit_type sometimes (often) fails to produce a valid pit closed fixed (in master) bug 07/13/18
#2059 Flavoured item messages closed fixed (in master) bug 07/04/18
#2062 Disconnected moria level closed fixed (in master) bug 07/02/18
#2056 Various trap bugs closed fixed (in master) bug 11/11/17
#2057 Too many vaults closed fixed (in master) change 11/10/17
#2055 Character with rBlind being apparently blind closed fixed (in master) bug 11/10/17
#2035 Minor status issues closed fixed (in master) bug 11/04/17
#2029 TMI when blind closed fixed (in master) bug 11/03/17
#2046 Randart changes needed closed fixed (in master) bug 10/28/17
#2047 Curse display in shops closed fixed (in master) bug 10/27/17
#2058 Spells in passable rubble closed fixed (in master) bug 10/27/17
#2036 Can't read on enclosed lava squares closed fixed (in master) bug 10/08/17
#2031 Make lava glow closed fixed (in master) change 10/08/17
#2039 Remove cheat_know closed fixed (in master) change 10/08/17
#2028 No sound on Windows closed fixed (in master) bug 10/07/17
#2052 Linux fullscreen issue closed fixed (in master) bug 10/06/17
#2032 Monster AI assues and fixes, mostly from PowerWyrm closed fixed (in master) bug 10/06/17
#2034 Sameness of OPEN_DOOR and BASH_DOOR closed fixed (in master) bug 10/05/17
#2051 Debug "play with object" not working closed fixed (in master) bug 10/03/17
#2043 LoS not updated on terrain creation closed fixed (in master) bug 10/02/17
#2044 Reporting of light bonus closed fixed (in master) bug 10/02/17
#2053 Buffer overflow in keymap UI closed fixed (in master) bug 09/29/17
#2033 Learn RFire rune without stepping in lava closed fixed (in master) bug 09/24/17
#2030 Quiver labels closed fixed (in master) bug 09/24/17
#2040 Incorrect spell damage in lore closed fixed (in master) bug 09/24/17
#2037 Wand of Stone to Mud failing to ID closed fixed (in master) bug 09/11/17
#2027 Treacherous weapon curse doesn't ID closed fixed (in master) bug 09/09/17
#2042 Bad level generation, failure to phase closed fixed (in master) bug 08/30/17
#2017 Opening dead character in wizard mode fails closed fixed (in master) bug 06/06/17
#2012 Item destroyed by remove curse doesn't disappear closed fixed (in master) bug 06/05/17
#2018 Sauron sometimes doesn't appear on DL99 closed fixed (in master) bug 06/03/17
#1985 Mouse weirdness in OSX closed fixed (in master) bug 06/02/17
#2014 Crash on attempted html dump closed fixed (in master) bug 05/28/17
#1972 Shops leaking flavor information closed fixed (in master) bug 10/22/16
#1938 Explosion and bolt graphics not handled correctly closed fixed (in master) bug 10/17/15
#1832 Items dropped over squelched item disappear if birth_no_stacking option is set closed fixed (in master) bug 05/03/15
#1833 Aggravation reveals mimics without giving awareness closed fixed (in master) bug 05/03/15
#1916 Better passing of parameters in player-calcs.c closed fixed (in master) task 04/25/15
#1829 Aluminium/Aluminum closed fixed (in master) change 03/09/15
#1806 No message when monster is hurt by chaos strike closed fixed (in master) bug 11/28/13
#1801 Game crash when targeting self closed fixed (in master) bug 11/28/13
#1751 cavern_gen not providing permanent walls, I think? closed fixed (in master) bug 08/29/13
#1691 Typo in description for Greater Maia closed fixed (in master) bug myshkin 11/21/12
#1642 ^J key registers as Enter on Windows closed fixed (in master) bug 04/23/12
#1603 DROP_GOOD still present on non_uniques closed fixed (in master) bug 04/18/12
#2110 Tap Unlife doesn't seem to be using mana closed invalid bug 03/01/19
#1696 How to deal with a smart way of weight lossing? closed invalid bug 11/20/12
#1704 How a seo company functions? closed invalid bug 11/20/12
#1703 How a seo ocompany functions? closed invalid bug 11/20/12
#1689 Essential of Cover Letter closed invalid bug 10/08/12
#1641 we buy any car-How To Make A Fair Deal? closed invalid bug 04/16/12
#1632 Slay cache sometimes runs out of room(?) closed invalid bug noz 04/05/12
#1629 No way to target an empty square with monsters in view closed invalid bug 03/14/12
#1618 Hellhäutige LiveCams closed invalid task 02/12/12
#1608 Barahir has duplicate level info closed invalid bug noz 12/28/11
#1609 Solar Power - How to Install Solar Power at Your Home closed invalid bug 12/28/11
#1552 Longbow of Extra Shots (+1) Only Shoots Once closed invalid bug 10/11/11
#1546 iphone 4 unlock-How to Restore an iPhone That is Unlocked closed invalid bug 09/27/11
#1091 Allow import of monster memory even if we can't import old characters closed invalid change 09/22/11
#1521 crash with randarts closed invalid bug 09/22/11
#1527 Fix gold from chests under no_selling closed invalid bug magnate 09/17/11
#1535 Limit blows with very heavy weapons closed invalid bug magnate 09/17/11
#325 Using single items on floor requires extra prompt closed invalid bug 06/01/11
#1231 Problem starting GTK Interface closed invalid bug 12/04/10
#1206 Game crashes whenever an unrecognized character is entered closed invalid bug 11/17/10
#559 ID store items closed invalid change 01/23/10
#565 can't sell a staff closed invalid bug 01/23/10
#1023 Stores won't buy closed invalid bug 11/30/09
#913 Character dumps have some stats on a new line when they shouldn't be closed invalid bug 07/25/09
#805 testing ticket to see if email notification works closed invalid bug 02/08/09
#793 crazy kobold crash! closed invalid bug 02/03/09
#2083 Object power log info appearing in messaegs closed wontfix bug 06/14/19
#2124 Resistance spell missing RPois closed wontfix bug 06/11/19
#2092 Unreachable area in generate_starburst_room() closed wontfix bug 06/09/19
#2063 Object can sometimes fail to be created in mon_create_drop() closed wontfix bug 06/01/19
#1796 Suppress label when item is removed from inventory. closed wontfix change 10/17/15
#1903 Can't fix disenchantment with scroll of *enchant armour*/*enchant weapon* closed wontfix change 04/14/15
#959 Make --enable-gtk require Pango closed wontfix task 05/11/12
#1282 Crash on startup (v 3.2 Mac OS X 10.4.11 PPC) closed wontfix bug 04/05/12
#952 No solid walls under -mgtk closed wontfix bug 06/12/11
#1343 Free attempts to find unseen invisible monsters closed wontfix bug 03/05/11
#38 Import UIAngband's wizard mode screen editor Main game closed wontfix change normal 12/21/10
#303 Detect monster creates 'visible' monsters that interrupts R* closed wontfix bug 12/18/10
#144 Add main-qt.c Main game closed wontfix change normal 12/18/10
#689 Squelch items in stores closed wontfix bug 12/18/10
#1226 Overhead view and map views reversed closed wontfix bug 11/27/10
#877 Let me disable townspeople closed wontfix change 01/23/10
#866 Tunneling should damage normal weapons closed wontfix change 01/23/10
#32 Replace the current autoroller with Antiband/Zangband's Gameplay closed wontfix change normal takkaria 01/23/10
#304 Shouldn't allow more than one selection for subwindow options closed wontfix bug 01/23/10
#962 Method for detecting some cheating closed wontfix task 09/12/09
#946 Find a licence for the current sound files which is acceptable to Debian closed wontfix change takkaria 08/12/09
#802 Priest is uncomfortable with lucerne hammer closed wontfix bug 02/08/09
#2113 Lighting weirdness with persistent levels closed worksforme bug 08/08/19
#2065 Bad town chunk closed worksforme bug 06/29/19
#2086 Monsters don't attack decoy closed worksforme bug 06/29/19
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