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#1964 Hotkeys for OS X terms closed fixed (in master) change 03/15/16
#414 Import UnAngband's easy_more option new change 04/27/13
#1232 Improve -mgcu behaviour in 16-colour xterms confirmed change d_m 04/27/13
#348 Improve UI abstractions closed fixed (in master) task ajps 02/07/15
#600 Improve monster drop functionality confirmed change 06/18/11
#1529 Improve package scripts confirmed task 09/15/11
#1476 Improve stats collection for items assigned change myshkin 04/27/13
#1457 Improve the run command confirmed change d_m 04/27/13
#150 In-game savefile selector (a la ToME) Main game new change normal 04/27/13
#1976 Incorrect ncursesw detection on OpenBSD new bug 04/07/19
#858 Insribing objects Max=# confirmed change 04/05/13
#1793 Inven/equip context menus fail to allow dropping new bug 11/20/13
#850 Look at making use-by-ID of consumables even more viable confirmed change 04/27/13
#1624 Lurker display issues new bug GabeCunningham 04/27/13
#1702 Lurkers appearing when Reveal Monsters is cast, but not added to monster list new bug 11/11/12
#371 Make Banishment and Mass Banishment sound less alike confirmed change 07/26/09
#42 Make all terminal access/printing functions use (y, x) co-ordinates Main game new task normal 05/21/11
#1749 Make caverns have a better risk:reward ratio new change d_m 07/26/13
#1483 Make chests more interesting new change 06/29/11
#301 Make disturbance options better confirmed change 12/18/10
#106 Make graphics, sound options in-game options Main game closed fixed (in master) change normal 02/07/15
#1804 Make one line textblocks wrap properly. closed fixed (in master) bug molybdenum 03/18/16
#1276 Make status effects more interesting confirmed change 09/22/11
#744 Making the object list more useful assigned change MarbleDice 04/05/13
#277 Mini-map overlay/seperate window new change 04/27/13
#1748 Missing sounds new bug 11/25/13
#997 Monster list should use columns and display direction closed fixed (in master) change MarbleDice 01/09/14
#1176 Monster recall fails in subwindow with flickering monsters assigned bug d_m 10/21/13
#756 More flexible windowing in the gcu-port new change 04/27/13
#1805 More intelligent starting kit for birth_no_recall characters new change 10/17/15
#1283 Move to C99 types pending change elly 04/07/13
#1314 Mushrooms should be their own tval closed fixed (in master) change 07/11/15
#1975 New item property grid new task 07/11/16
#1777 New item tag display (1/2/3 instead of a/b/c) fails with duplicate tags new bug 12/24/13
#1778 New item tag display (1/2/3 instead of a/b/c) not sorted new bug 12/24/13
#372 New panel change behaviour confirmed change 04/27/13
#1700 New playable race: Pixie new change 04/05/13
#1235 New visual characters are not preserved over entry/exit to shops in GTK closed wontfix bug 04/14/13
#1460 Non-English keyboard layouts have problems for commonly-used commands on SDL and OS X reopened bug takkaria 07/31/13
#1949 OSX crash on moving monster list window assigned bug molybdenum 03/16/16
#1549 OSX support for double-height tiles assigned change myshkin 12/29/11
#1881 Object list delay reopened bug 06/25/15
#97 Outstanding menus to fix Main game assigned Dev task normal takkaria 07/26/13
#1693 Playable (full) troll race new change 04/05/13
#1977 Playing sounds freezes game new bug 04/07/19
#795 Port to Symbian S60 using SDL closed wontfix task 04/05/13
#1049 Pref files should use names of monsters/items closed fixed (in master) change 07/11/15
#1162 Press a key to make @ flash briefly new change 06/23/10
#370 Rangers should have reduced chance of arrow breakage confirmed change 12/24/10
#1590 Recalibrate level feelings assigned bug magnate 05/04/12
#843 Redesign character sheet closed fixed (in master) change 06/11/19
#1296 Remove 'b'rowse command confirmed change 03/12/12
#1288 Remove cheat options, move them to wizard mode confirmed change takkaria 06/04/11
#1317 Remove hard-coded dependence on monster display characters new change 02/07/15
#1237 Remove hard-coded limits closed fixed (in master) task elly 02/07/15
#1524 Remove the various huge *_info arrays, thus removing the need for maxima confirmed change 04/27/13
#1797 Rename potions of Intellect new bug 11/02/13
#966 Repeat and Scrolls assigned bug takkaria 12/24/13
#13 Replace current "interactive" help with context help Main game new change normal 04/27/13
#1499 Replace indices in function calls with pointers new task 01/21/16
#1809 Resizing object list and monster list subwindows to very small sizes causes crashes. new bug 10/17/15
#1836 Restoring "highlight player with cursor" would improve accessibility new change 10/17/15
#1459 Rework Banishment confirmed change 06/13/11
#1328 Rewrite target.c so it's less hideous confirmed change 04/24/11
#1290 Rewrite the debug-mode object flag display so that it doesn't require manual changes for every new flag confirmed change 10/13/11
#1316 Running/Tunnelling not working with arrow keys in Roguelike keyset (nightly builds) confirmed bug 04/27/13
#1286 SDL: better font selection new change 12/26/10
#1509 Save entire message history new change 08/06/11
#950 Save monster + everseen info to a player-specific knowledge file closed fixed (in master) task magnate 02/07/15
#807 Savefile: remove excess null-bytes confirmed task 12/18/10
#808 Savefile: save monster memory records sparsely closed fixed (in master) task magnate 02/07/15
#879 Search the home assigned change magnate 07/10/12
#1697 Seen mimics disappear too early when squelched new bug 10/28/13
#1202 Sensible array for artifact creation new task elly 11/14/10
#1315 Shopkeeps overpay for partial ID'd =Mouse confirmed bug 04/27/13
#1410 Smooth-scrolling tiles new change 04/21/11
#1550 Socket system assigned change magnate 10/13/11
#1386 Sort brands by damage confirmed change magnate 04/01/11
#1599 Split up improve_attack_modifier confirmed task magnate 07/26/13
#1273 Squelch menu and knowledge menu show different objects at start of game assigned change myshkin 04/27/13
#1175 Stack items when dropping new change 04/27/13
#1490 Stat coloring / message bugs assigned bug myshkin 04/23/12
#575 Steal more Un rod/wand/staff flavours new change 04/27/13
#1992 Strange door placement new bug 06/03/17
#1268 Switch to ttf fonts in SDL port confirmed change 04/27/13
#1768 Sync across 3.5's borg changes with APW's 3.4.1 closed wontfix change takkaria 05/13/17
#1100 Tell the player where character dumps get saved to confirmed change takkaria 12/21/10
#1720 The player race "Dunadan" ought to have an accented "u". new change 04/02/13
#67 Throwing potions should cause the potions effect on the target Main game new change normal 12/22/09
#1449 Throwing should not ID-by-use for non-throwing items confirmed change 05/28/11
#1504 Tidy up lighting code assigned change takkaria 04/27/13
#377 Too many hacks? assigned task elly 04/07/13
#1638 Unable to build GCU on OpenBSD new bug 09/20/16
#73 Unify line of sight and projection paths Main game new change normal 07/26/09
#234 Unify useable/eatable/spell code closed fixed (in master) task takkaria 02/07/15
#1134 Update spoilers and angband-doc package confirmed task magnate 11/01/12
#1114 Use Sparkle for automatic game updates on OS X new task 06/04/11
#1118 Use a more accurate distance function reopened change d_m 07/24/10
#674 Use binary search instead of iteration in alloc tables confirmed task 04/05/13
#1555 Use new character glyphs new change 11/03/11
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