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Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#565 can't sell a staff closed invalid bug 01/23/10
#1344 cannot handle window more than 256 chars wide closed duplicate bug 02/08/11
#1751 cavern_gen not providing permanent walls, I think? closed fixed (in master) bug 08/29/13
#968 character creation broken in nightly build closed worksforme bug 11/06/09
#1521 crash with randarts closed invalid bug 09/22/11
#793 crazy kobold crash! closed invalid bug 02/03/09
#1371 gruesome bug leaps and then segfault at C-x; reproducible closed worksforme bug 03/14/11
#1372 gruesome bug leaps and then segfault at C-x; reproducible closed duplicate bug 03/13/11
#971 inconsitency in monster info and rod information closed duplicate bug 07/24/10
#1546 iphone 4 unlock-How to Restore an iPhone That is Unlocked closed invalid bug 09/27/11
#2077 map view problems closed fixed (in master) bug 07/13/19
#1649 mon_inc_timed: Assertion `timer > 0' failed. closed duplicate bug 05/11/12
#2064 set_pit_type sometimes (often) fails to produce a valid pit closed fixed (in master) bug 07/13/18
#805 testing ticket to see if email notification works closed invalid bug 02/08/09
#1641 we buy any car-How To Make A Fair Deal? closed invalid bug 04/16/12
#1368 wizmode: cope with negative values when tweaking objects closed worksforme bug GabeCunningham 04/06/12

v4 (84 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#435 "Conducts" system new change 04/03/13
#692 A Great Wyrm of Power casting fear should have a different success rate from a novice paladin confirmed change 07/26/09
#1433 AI: monsters with passwall get confused by permarock closed fixed (in master) bug 11/11/12
#1458 Add a borg closed fixed (in v4) change elly 11/15/11
#1585 Add bool no_arts to artifact_type new change magnate 11/18/11
#1421 Add more caster items new change 10/21/11
#1332 Add more mimic/lurker types confirmed change GabeCunningham 10/23/11
#595 Add more monster race and slay types confirmed change 10/21/11
#298 Add option to not autopickup with monsters in LOS confirmed change 10/21/11
#1673 Add the Club of Bullroarer new change 08/31/12
#418 Add timed detections (i.e. non-monster ESP) confirmed change 10/21/11
#1567 Allow affixes and themes to grant activations new change magnate 10/24/11
#1627 Allow affixes to affect balance and heft closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 06/09/12
#1395 Allow ego types to affect item weight closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 10/22/11
#1596 Artifact knowledge menu lists never found artifacts closed fixed (in v4) bug myshkin 12/14/11
#1631 Artifact spellbooks don't show up purple in item list closed fixed (in v4) bug magnate 03/18/12
#775 Assess distance of missile weapons and magics confirmed change 12/24/10
#39 Bring back player ghosts Main game assigned change normal GabeCunningham 10/23/11
#720 Changes to item generation closed fixed (in v4) task magnate 10/22/11
#1558 Changes to tvals and svals assigned task magnate 03/26/12
#1597 Chardumps and artifact spoilers do not display object descriptions. closed fixed (in v4) bug myshkin 12/14/11
#869 Check and revise monster power algorithm assigned change magnate 10/21/11
#342 Collect stats on player confirmed change 06/02/10
#1165 Collect stats on randarts assigned task magnate 10/23/11
#1124 Consolidate flag data into list-* files assigned task magnate 10/21/11
#1656 Convert archery to the new combat system new change magnate 06/05/12
#1415 Create OF_GOOD to distinguish high-level wearables closed fixed (in v4) task magnate 10/22/11
#1497 Create an interactive monster.txt editor new task 07/26/11
#192 Create an item distribution visualiser closed wontfix task normal 04/05/13
#1600 Create master table for legal affixes new task magnate 06/05/12
#580 Cut down dungeon depth confirmed change 12/18/10
#1436 Distinguish combat bonuses between weapons, launchers and other sources new change 10/21/11
#1437 Distinguish side effects from damage for monster melee attacks new change magnate 10/21/11
#765 Document and improve debug commands confirmed change 01/01/11
#1614 Enchant weapon needs to understand finesse and prowess closed fixed (in v4) bug 02/12/12
#1595 Ensure that learning a rune triggers check_for_ident on all other carried or worn items new bug 12/11/11
#1376 Extract text strings for monster spells to an edit file assigned change magnate 04/28/12
#1050 Finer controll for item squelch closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 10/31/11
#1622 Fix describe_damage new bug magnate 03/01/12
#1594 Fix random names closed fixed (in master) bug myshkin 12/09/11
#1451 Fix random_value parsing so that you can specify certain negative values assigned bug elly 10/23/11
#993 Fully implement HURT_FIRE and HURT_COLD closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 11/06/11
#1562 Get cleverer about affix compatibility new change magnate 06/05/12
#1014 Get rid of the hard limit for artifact lights and jewelry closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 10/22/11
#837 Give a meaning to object colors new change magnate 10/21/11
#1015 Granular ESP confirmed change 10/21/11
#1659 Handle flags which trigger at random new bug 06/07/12
#1589 Heuristic for obviousness of item properties confirmed change magnate 03/01/12
#1579 ID-by-use shows ? for obvious-on-wield effects new bug 11/08/11
#78 Improve monster behaviour and AI Main game new change normal 10/21/11
#1115 Improve squelch UI confirmed change 12/03/11
#68 Improve the scorefile format, and the method of scoring Main game assigned change low MarbleDice 12/17/09
#1279 Introduce monster mana confirmed change 10/21/11
#1812 Keymap bug under Linux, unknown port new bug 12/30/14
#1605 Learning an attribute sometimes does not learn its rune new bug 12/24/11
#599 Linearise the stat system confirmed change 07/26/09
#757 Look into reducing LOS/LOF closed fixed (in master) change 04/23/12
#518 Maintain savefile compatibility when editing monster.txt assigned change GabeCunningham 01/20/11
#509 Make "detect magic" a useful spell confirmed change 11/06/11
#1581 Make alloc_max checks use p_ptr->depth closed fixed (in v4) bug magnate 11/11/11
#353 Make dungeon spellbooks into artifacts closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 11/06/11
#992 Make multi-breath effects better than single breath effects confirmed change magnate 10/24/11
#1576 Make sure that learning the absence of a rune does not mark it known closed fixed (in v4) bug magnate 11/03/11
#1559 Make themes more random closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 12/08/11
#828 Make to-hit formula more intuitive closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 03/01/12
#1658 Make xp drain more proportionate closed fixed (in v4) bug 06/09/12
#601 Monster AI needs to understand player vulnerabilities confirmed change 07/26/09
#1623 Monster memory not updated if brand is resisted closed fixed (in v4) bug magnate 03/01/12
#591 Monster recovery should happen each turn regardless of how far away monsters are from the player assigned change GabeCunningham 10/21/11
#1408 Monster-specific ESP new change 10/21/11
#510 Monsters shouldn't be able to drop items branded against them. closed fixed (in v4) change 12/13/11
#1191 More info when inspecting items new change 09/10/10
#258 More useful monster recall closed fixed (in master) change 11/05/11
#1179 Move ego types to the alloc_prob system closed fixed (in v4) task magnate 10/22/11
#1173 Multiple Allocation lines broken confirmed bug magnate 10/21/11
#564 Need some analysis of mage spells new task 12/11/09
#1403 Outstanding refactoring confirmed task magnate 10/21/11
#1561 Overhaul knowledge menus closed fixed (in v4) bug noz 11/01/11
#963 Pathfinding new change 10/21/11
#1568 Policy on alloc_prob == 0 new change 11/02/11
#578 Possibly implement a "targetted teleport" feature? new change 07/26/09
#619 Potion of flight rather than ring of escape new change 07/26/09
#334 Power comparison in 'l'ook assigned change magnate 10/21/11
#1560 Racial equipment bonuses/penalties new task magnate 10/23/11
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