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#1045 Randart activation messages sometimes inappropriate assigned bug magnate 10/21/11
#726 Rationalize damage/effects simultaneously applied confirmed change magnate 10/21/11
#1002 Re-do curses in randart.c new change magnate 10/23/11
#1024 Rebalance classes new change 12/01/11
#1041 Refactor effects to allow variables assigned task magnate 11/22/11
#443 Refresh monster list confirmed change 10/21/11
#1520 Remove Satisfy Hunger confirmed change 10/23/11
#1540 Remove bogus pvals closed fixed (in v4) task magnate 10/22/11
#300 Remove monster AI options, replace with flag-controlled AI confirmed change 10/21/11
#1233 Replace +blows with -epb confirmed change magnate 10/21/11
#1598 Replace pseudoID new change 12/16/11
#156 Review and incorporate Leon's dungeon patch reopened change normal 12/24/10
#1548 Review artifact.txt assigned task magnate 10/21/11
#1205 Rework armour penalties confirmed change magnate 10/21/11
#534 Rework critical hits closed fixed (in v4) dev change magnate 03/01/12
#1006 Rewrite randart.c for fully comprehensive tracking of combinations assigned change magnate 10/23/11
#1566 Rewrite tile-picker code confirmed bug noz 10/24/11
#1563 Save everseen info somewhere sensible closed fixed (in v4) bug magnate 10/31/11
#1446 Separate monster AC into evasion and absorption closed fixed (in v4) change 03/01/12
#1588 Separate monster casting power from monster level new change 11/25/11
#1442 Set bonuses for artifacts confirmed change magnate 10/25/11
#264 Should be able to identify items in your home confirmed change 12/18/10
#531 Show more direct statistics on the character screen, incl. Energy confirmed dev change 12/26/10
#800 Sort out bucklers closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 10/31/11
#1161 Split the object list into LOS and aware new change 10/21/11
#1450 Store knowledge of what in-LOS monsters have picked up or stolen new change 10/21/11
#1569 Store o_ptr->num_affixes new task magnate 10/28/11
#1172 Suggestion for change to monster memory display format new change 07/22/10
#1607 Summary flag screens for inventory and home new change 12/26/11
#221 Switch to using cave_info2[][] for player-specific bits assigned task elly 12/18/10
#1113 Take a look at stealth and monster detection confirmed change 10/21/11
#587 Think about adding EyAngband item prefixes closed fixed (in v4) dev change magnate 10/22/11
#1573 Tidy up ID and everseen layers confirmed bug noz 11/05/11
#1644 Tidy up slays closed fixed (in v4) bug magnate 04/29/12
#594 Try and make all stats more relevant to all classes confirmed change 10/21/11
#1587 Turn slays/brands into pvals closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 02/12/12
#1830 Update SDL frontend to SDL 2.x new task noz 11/07/14
#1298 Update races confirmed change d_m 10/23/11
#581 Use a flag-based terrain system new task 07/26/09
#1565 Use affixes in artifact names closed fixed (in v4) bug magnate 10/26/11
#1574 Use random names for runes closed fixed (in v4) change 11/04/11
#1620 Windows Kernel32 Dll closed invalid change 02/12/12
#1004 obj-power.c: address weight properly closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 03/01/12
#1003 obj-power.c: calculate values for resists based on monster power new change magnate 10/21/11
#1407 randarts: ensure that activations do not duplicate flags confirmed bug magnate 10/23/11
#958 re-add broken/worn weapon/armor types closed fixed (in v4) change magnate 10/22/11
#623 tele_to should check the destination more carefully new change 07/26/09
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