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#1386 Sort brands by damage confirmed change magnate 04/01/11
#1377 Copyright notices are inconsistent. confirmed task 02/07/15
#1375 Add Mac OS X support to configure.ac and version.sh support to the Mac build assigned change myshkin 04/27/13
#1354 avoid save when purposefully set off traps confirmed change 03/09/11
#1328 Rewrite target.c so it's less hideous confirmed change 04/24/11
#1324 Add help files for editing monster.txt etc. closed fixed (in master) change GabeCunningham 07/10/15
#1317 Remove hard-coded dependence on monster display characters new change 02/07/15
#1316 Running/Tunnelling not working with arrow keys in Roguelike keyset (nightly builds) confirmed bug 04/27/13
#1315 Shopkeeps overpay for partial ID'd =Mouse confirmed bug 04/27/13
#1314 Mushrooms should be their own tval closed fixed (in master) change 07/11/15
#1303 Create savefile loader testsuite confirmed task 01/02/11
#1296 Remove 'b'rowse command confirmed change 03/12/12
#1290 Rewrite the debug-mode object flag display so that it doesn't require manual changes for every new flag confirmed change 10/13/11
#1288 Remove cheat options, move them to wizard mode confirmed change takkaria 06/04/11
#1287 Check up on licences of fonts confirmed task takkaria 02/07/15
#1286 SDL: better font selection new change 12/26/10
#1285 Better make system closed wontfix change 04/05/13
#1283 Move to C99 types pending change elly 04/07/13
#1280 Allow --with-varpath to override PRIVATE_USER_DIR assigned bug noz 09/19/12
#1276 Make status effects more interesting confirmed change 09/22/11
#1273 Squelch menu and knowledge menu show different objects at start of game assigned change myshkin 04/27/13
#1268 Switch to ttf fonts in SDL port confirmed change 04/27/13
#1259 Allow access to birth options from quickstart screen confirmed change 12/19/10
#1255 Allow squelching from look command new change 06/01/11
#1245 Windows: flicker on menus confirmed bug 04/27/13
#1244 Bigtile/Double/Triple tiles don't work in GTK closed wontfix bug 04/14/13
#1237 Remove hard-coded limits closed fixed (in master) task elly 02/07/15
#1235 New visual characters are not preserved over entry/exit to shops in GTK closed wontfix bug 04/14/13
#1232 Improve -mgcu behaviour in 16-colour xterms confirmed change d_m 04/27/13
#1202 Sensible array for artifact creation new task elly 11/14/10
#1192 Excessive CPU use with -mgtk closed wontfix bug 04/14/13
#1182 Changes to regen new change 07/29/10
#1176 Monster recall fails in subwindow with flickering monsters assigned bug d_m 10/21/13
#1175 Stack items when dropping new change 04/27/13
#1162 Press a key to make @ flash briefly new change 06/23/10
#1134 Update spoilers and angband-doc package confirmed task magnate 11/01/12
#1120 Clean up squelch messages confirmed change MarbleDice 02/19/10
#1118 Use a more accurate distance function reopened change d_m 07/24/10
#1114 Use Sparkle for automatic game updates on OS X new task 06/04/11
#1100 Tell the player where character dumps get saved to confirmed change takkaria 12/21/10
#1098 make 'distclean' cleans too much, 'clean' too little assigned bug noz 09/19/12
#1068 Get rid of item_tester_unknown in spells2.c closed fixed (in master) task MarbleDice 02/07/15
#1049 Pref files should use names of monsters/items closed fixed (in master) change 07/11/15
#1030 Better save location and output for char dump confirmed change 04/14/13
#997 Monster list should use columns and display direction closed fixed (in master) change MarbleDice 01/09/14
#966 Repeat and Scrolls assigned bug takkaria 12/24/13
#950 Save monster + everseen info to a player-specific knowledge file closed fixed (in master) task magnate 02/07/15
#925 Accessibility: add a directional look command confirmed change 04/27/13
#916 Curses: Aggravate should aggravate less confirmed change 05/31/19
#879 Search the home assigned change magnate 07/10/12
#876 Check for format-string based security holes confirmed task ajps 07/26/09
#859 Batch Reading of Scrolls closed wontfix change 04/05/13
#858 Insribing objects Max=# confirmed change 04/05/13
#857 ^t, !*, !d, !g, and \s new change 07/26/09
#850 Look at making use-by-ID of consumables even more viable confirmed change 04/27/13
#843 Redesign character sheet closed fixed (in master) change 06/11/19
#808 Savefile: save monster memory records sparsely closed fixed (in master) task magnate 02/07/15
#807 Savefile: remove excess null-bytes confirmed task 12/18/10
#795 Port to Symbian S60 using SDL closed wontfix task 04/05/13
#780 Experiment with mana allocation & regen confirmed change 04/05/13
#776 Collect statistics on dungeon generation assigned task d_m 07/26/13
#769 Assertions assigned task elly 02/07/15
#756 More flexible windowing in the gcu-port new change 04/27/13
#753 Work out some better display for the disarming skill on 'C' screen confirmed change 06/18/11
#744 Making the object list more useful assigned change MarbleDice 04/05/13
#713 Allow spoilers to be generated with a command-line switch confirmed change 07/26/09
#674 Use binary search instead of iteration in alloc tables confirmed task 04/05/13
#636 .ini file reading/writing on Windows is extremely inefficient confirmed bug 05/04/12
#620 Angband doesn't see difference between numpadarrows/diagonals from others. confirmed dev bug 10/01/13
#618 Using the Mouse to look around. new change 08/30/13
#600 Improve monster drop functionality confirmed change 06/18/11
#586 Allow restriction of auto pickup to consumables confirmed change 04/27/13
#575 Steal more Un rod/wand/staff flavours new change 04/27/13
#574 Enable the good bits of adult_ai_smart without the brokenness assigned change takkaria 07/26/13
#524 Avoid using atexit() confirmed dev task 11/21/10
#502 Using the new flavours proposed on the forum? new change 04/27/13
#485 Add new curses: pval-flipping curse confirmed change 05/20/17
#425 Full mouse support in character creation new change 07/26/09
#414 Import UnAngband's easy_more option new change 04/27/13
#398 Enhance the Gtk2 port closed wontfix change shanoah 04/05/13
#379 Average spell damage when browsing. new change 07/26/09
#377 Too many hacks? assigned task elly 04/07/13
#373 Help prevent offscreen deaths confirmed change 12/18/10
#372 New panel change behaviour confirmed change 04/27/13
#371 Make Banishment and Mass Banishment sound less alike confirmed change 07/26/09
#370 Rangers should have reduced chance of arrow breakage confirmed change 12/24/10
#354 Add keep_room_on_screen option new change 04/27/13
#348 Improve UI abstractions closed fixed (in master) task ajps 02/07/15
#340 Add tests and documentation for z-msg confirmed task takkaria 04/14/11
#314 Consider allowing user "notes" in various places in the game new change 07/26/09
#309 Why are there separate 'p' and 'm' commands? confirmed change 12/18/10
#301 Make disturbance options better confirmed change 12/18/10
#291 Delay factor should affect running speed new change 07/26/09
#277 Mini-map overlay/seperate window new change 04/27/13
#234 Unify useable/eatable/spell code closed fixed (in master) task takkaria 02/07/15
#230 Automatic hiding of sidebar and statusbar new change 04/27/13
#223 Add support for paragraphs to textblock new change 04/27/13
#183 Full mouse playability new change normal 04/27/13
#150 In-game savefile selector (a la ToME) Main game new change normal 04/27/13
#138 Game should be re-entrant Main game confirmed task normal 06/01/11
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