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Future (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#1049 Pref files should use names of monsters/items closed fixed (in master) change 07/11/15
#1324 Add help files for editing monster.txt etc. closed fixed (in master) change GabeCunningham 07/10/15
#950 Save monster + everseen info to a player-specific knowledge file closed fixed (in master) task magnate 02/07/15
#808 Savefile: save monster memory records sparsely closed fixed (in master) task magnate 02/07/15
#1068 Get rid of item_tester_unknown in spells2.c closed fixed (in master) task MarbleDice 02/07/15
#234 Unify useable/eatable/spell code closed fixed (in master) task takkaria 02/07/15
#1237 Remove hard-coded limits closed fixed (in master) task elly 02/07/15
#348 Improve UI abstractions closed fixed (in master) task ajps 02/07/15
#35 Allow selection of character hair/eye colour and character background Main game closed fixed (in master) change normal 02/07/15
#997 Monster list should use columns and display direction closed fixed (in master) change MarbleDice 01/09/14
#1244 Bigtile/Double/Triple tiles don't work in GTK closed wontfix bug 04/14/13
#1235 New visual characters are not preserved over entry/exit to shops in GTK closed wontfix bug 04/14/13
#1192 Excessive CPU use with -mgtk closed wontfix bug 04/14/13
#1285 Better make system closed wontfix change 04/05/13
#859 Batch Reading of Scrolls closed wontfix change 04/05/13
#795 Port to Symbian S60 using SDL closed wontfix task 04/05/13
#398 Enhance the Gtk2 port closed wontfix change shanoah 04/05/13
#80 Add main-gba.c Main game closed worksforme task normal 04/05/13
#79 Add main-net.c Main game closed wontfix task normal 04/05/13
#57 Do spells with edit files (like UnAngband) Main game closed wontfix change normal 04/05/13

Ongoing (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#135 Don't use C reserved identifiers Main game confirmed bug normal 04/27/13
#659 Get valgrind reporting that all memory is properly freed at game exit confirmed task 05/13/17
#45 Minimise usage of standard string functions Main game new task normal 04/27/13
#1682 Build without ncursesw5-config new change 10/17/15
#1914 Messages running together confirmed task 05/23/15
#1927 Missing messages confirmed bug 01/22/16
#2020 Disconnected dungeon new bug 06/07/17
#2038 Amulet of & Amulet~ new bug 10/08/17
#2041 Randarts reported of wrong type in history new bug 10/27/17
#2045 PowerWyrm's pathfinding improvements confirmed change 10/28/17
#2049 Interaction between selling prices and curses confirmed bug 10/28/17
#2054 macOS fullscreen issues confirmed bug 10/28/17
#2094 Careful check of monster movement AI vs 4GAI confirmed task 08/09/19
#2102 Standardise order of lines in data files new task 08/09/19
#2127 SDL2 possible memory problems new bug 06/29/19
#2129 Lore has some black spells new bug 08/16/19
#65 Split up source files more, make names meaningful Main game closed fixed (in master) task normal 01/19/16
#1958 Windows not accepting savefile on the command line closed fixed (in master) bug 11/01/15
#1842 Fixes due to PowerWyrm closed fixed (in master) task 10/17/15

Triage (61 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#632 Detect Enchantment should be more consistent closed duplicate change 11/06/11
#144 Add main-qt.c Main game closed wontfix change normal 12/18/10
#625 Autosquelch attacking new items closed worksforme bug 01/23/10
#559 ID store items closed invalid change 01/23/10
#565 can't sell a staff closed invalid bug 01/23/10
#2165 Pile integrity failure crash new bug 10/13/19
#2166 Weird visuals new bug 10/13/19
#2167 Typos in help new bug 10/14/19
#2168 Pack should combine after curse removal new bug 10/25/19
#2169 Better datafile documentation new bug 10/25/19
#2171 Mac port graphics and other issues new bug 11/05/19
#2172 Persistent levels issues new bug 11/16/19
#2173 More tiering of status effects new change 12/16/19
#2175 Trap immunity preventing door auto-opening new bug 12/16/19
#2176 Windows VS fixes new bug 12/17/19
#2177 Chests always summon uniques new bug 12/24/19
#2178 Quiver problems new bug 12/24/19
#2179 Patches from backwardsEric new bug 12/26/19
#2180 Code errors from PowerWyrm (4.2.0 edition) new bug 12/26/19
#2182 Shatter attacks crushing too often? new bug 12/26/19
#2183 Labyrinth with no down staircase new bug 12/26/19
#2184 Stealing from mimics new bug 12/26/19
#2185 Unique coming back to life? new bug 12/27/19
#2113 Lighting weirdness with persistent levels closed worksforme bug 08/08/19
#2087 Max mana problem closed fixed (in master) bug 08/01/19
#2128 Weapons display damage for temporary brands etc? closed fixed (in master) bug 07/28/19
#2077 map view problems closed fixed (in master) bug 07/13/19
#2118 Looking at items under monsters difficult closed fixed (in master) bug 07/12/19
#2126 Pack overflow on stealing an ignored item closed fixed (in master) bug 06/30/19
#2119 Ignoring torches now ignores artifacts closed fixed (in master) bug 06/30/19
#2080 Stores not accepting unID'd armour closed fixed (in master) bug 06/30/19
#2065 Bad town chunk closed worksforme bug 06/29/19
#2081 Add windows console compiling instructions closed fixed (in master) change 06/29/19
#2125 SDL2 port crashes if you open an 8th window closed fixed (in master) bug 06/29/19
#2086 Monsters don't attack decoy closed worksforme bug 06/29/19
#1901 Monsters acting immediately on summoning closed fixed (in master) bug 06/22/19
#2079 Object spoiler improvements closed worksforme change 06/15/19
#2083 Object power log info appearing in messaegs closed wontfix bug 06/14/19
#2097 Command repeating without input closed worksforme bug 06/11/19
#2124 Resistance spell missing RPois closed wontfix bug 06/11/19
#2107 Dimension door bug closed fixed (in master) bug 06/11/19
#2089 Lighting errors for necromancers closed fixed (in master) bug 06/10/19
#2092 Unreachable area in generate_starburst_room() closed wontfix bug 06/09/19
#2082 Spell browsing tips don't clear properly closed fixed (in master) bug 06/09/19
#2090 Minor shop UI bug closed worksforme bug 06/09/19
#2084 Memory bug in character history closed fixed (in master) bug 06/09/19
#2120 Monster/object list behaviour closed fixed (in master) bug 06/07/19
#2096 LASH damage looks weird in lore closed fixed (in master) bug 06/02/19
#2088 Shield bashes are free closed fixed (in master) bug 06/01/19
#2063 Object can sometimes fail to be created in mon_create_drop() closed wontfix bug 06/01/19
#2100 Monsters stupidly entering lava closed fixed (in master) bug 05/31/19
#2099 Yellow light option not working? closed fixed (in master) bug 05/26/19
#2122 Known object number is incorrect, causing crashes closed fixed (in master) bug 05/25/19
#2116 Stop existence of randart.txt ruining games closed fixed (in master) bug 04/18/19
#2085 Decoy destroyed by TIMED_INC closed fixed (in master) bug 03/26/19
#2110 Tap Unlife doesn't seem to be using mana closed invalid bug 03/01/19
#2098 Shovel weirdness closed fixed (in master) bug 01/27/19
#2064 set_pit_type sometimes (often) fails to produce a valid pit closed fixed (in master) bug 07/13/18
#2059 Flavoured item messages closed fixed (in master) bug 07/04/18
#2062 Disconnected moria level closed fixed (in master) bug 07/02/18
#2056 Various trap bugs closed fixed (in master) bug 11/11/17
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